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Tourist places in Armenia | Places To Visit in Armenia|

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Tourist places in Armenia: Places To Visit in Armenia.

Armenia Tourism

Do you want to know the best tourist places in Armenia? This article will help you in exploring beautiful places to visit:


Yerevan is the capital of Armenia. It is an ideal starting point for many days’ trips in Armenia because of its strategic position. In Yerevan, there are so many fantastic locations to see in the nation, and Tatev Monastery, the furthest distant, is 4 hours away from the capital.

Its main road is dominated by the Matenadaran library, which contains thousands of ancient Greek and Armenian manuscripts. The city’s heart is Republic Square, which features colonnaded government buildings and singing water fountains.

Yerevan has remarkably few historic structures and monuments to show for it despite being one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. This is because Soviet urban designers destroyed most of them in the 1920s to build an “ideal metropolis” akin to Paris or Saint Petersburg. As a result, the capital of Armenia is today a fascinating site to explore, with churches and buildings from the Soviet era strewn about and Soviet-vintage structures lining broad avenues. Yerevan has a lot going for it despite not being a beautiful city. Its streets positively buzz with activity, and many cafes and terraces fill every corner of the city, including its parks and public spaces.

The city is not only home to a third of the nation’s population but also has many excellent cultural institutions, such as theatres and museums. Among these, a trip to the chilling Armenian Genocide Museum is necessary if you want to comprehend the heinous incidents that had such a lasting influence on the country and its people. In addition, spending a few days in Yerevan before traveling to the country’s numerous breathtaking landscapes and historic sites is highly recommended due to the city’s diverse aspects.

Debed Canyon (tourist places in Armenia)

Debed Canyon: tourist places in Armenia
Traveling through the Debed Canyon is a magical experience. It is home to various small villages and towns, each of which boasts its distinct look, feel, and character. The canyon, which connects Armenia and Georgia, winds through some breathtakingly magnificent terrain with adorable small settlements.
It is the best tourist place in Armenia. You can explore various remarkable historical sites in each village, including cathedrals, chapels, and forts. The magnificent monasteries of Haghpat and Sanahin, which are located along the road, are two of the critical must-see sights. Debed Canyon offers the ideal blend of history, culture, and nature, with several excellent hiking paths from the little towns into the surrounding mountains.

Lake Sevan (Sightseeing spots in Armenia)

 Lake Sevan
Lake Sevan is famous for its serene waters that seem to go on forever. In addition, the abundance of great recreational activities it offers makes it a well-liked vacation spot for locals and visitors.

Numerous impressive old monasteries and churches along its picturesque coastlines, including Sevanavank and Hayravank. However, the lake’s several excellent beaches are what draws the majority of tourists, who come to relax on their fine sands or take advantage of the fantastic variety of available watersports.

Lake Sevan, located around 2,000 meters above sea level, is frequently referred to as the “jewel of Armenia.” Along with hiking and cycling along its shoreline, popular activities include swimming in its welcoming seas and sailing on its reflective surface. While some of the lakeshore’s towns and villages are pretty relaxed and offer a peaceful retreat, others feature a lot of pubs and nightclubs if you’d like a more active vacation. It’s one of best tourist places to visit in Armenia.

Geghard Monastery (tourist places in Armenia)

 Geghard Monastery: tourist places in Armenia
Numerous impressive old monasteries and churches along its picturesque coastlines, Sevanavank and Hayravank. However, the lake’s several excellent beaches are what draws the majority of tourists, who come to relax and take advantage of the fantastic variety of available watersports.

Geghard Monastery is the best tourist place in Armenia and a popular day excursion from the city and is worth seeing if you have the chance. It is located in the charming town of Garni. In addition, you may roam around the famed monastery’s lovely cathedral, carved out of the mountainside with gorgeous peaks towering above it. Additionally, the complex includes several stunning chapels with ornate and exquisite sculptures, some of which date back centuries.

Goris (Must-visit places in Armenia)

Goris is Armenia’s great spot to visit . It is situated on the banks of the Vararak River in a picturesque valley surrounded by mountains. Along with its breathtaking surroundings, there are a lot of significant historical and cultural places for you to see. In addition, the streets of the planned city are ideal for leisurely strolling.
Numerous exquisite ancient stone homes, a first-rate archaeological museum, an art gallery, and a stunning basilica from the fourth century may all be found when strolling the area. A few days can be spent relaxing and enjoying the town of Goris. Many alluring walks and paths may be found in the nearby mountains and countryside, where Tatev Monastery and the magnificent.

Dilijan National Park (tourist places in Armenia)

Dilijan National Park: tourist places in Armenia
One of Armenia’s four national parks is Dilijan National Park. It is situated in Armenia’s north-eastern Tavush Province and has an area of 240 km2. You must unwind in Dilijan National Park if you want your trip to Armenia to be complete. A picturesque vacation town, Dilijan can be found in the wooded hills of northern Armenia. You can walk.
Dilijan National Park, located in the nation’s northeast, is home to some stunning landscapes. Most of the national park’s land comprises tranquil, undulating hills and mountain ranges cloaked in unending forests. It contains glittering streams and babbling brooks meandering through the vegetation.
You can visit some lovely lakes and great old monasteries that date back to the 10th and 11th centuries and the rich array of animals and vegetation. Hagharstin, Goshavank, and Matosvavank are three of them that are particularly worthwhile visiting. In addition, Dilijan National Park is a beautiful place to go trekking, with various roads and trails winding through the magnificent scenery.

Khosrov Forest Reserve

Khosrov Forest Reserve
The Khosrov Forest Reserve was founded in 1958 and is located in the Armenian province of Ararat, 20 KM south of the Garni Temple and close to the Ararat Valley. It has approximately 1900 species of high vascular plants, including 24 endemic species, and is spread out across 23000 hectares of mountainous terrain. Over 280 animals can be found in the Khosrov Forest Reserve.
Khosrov Forest Reserve, established in 1958 and only 20 kilometers from Yerevan, is the nation’s most famous park. The park’s 23,213 hectares of mountainous terrain provide habitat for over 280 species of animals, including the Bezoar goat, Brown bear, Black vulture, Caspian snowcock, and Armenian viper of Armenia’s flora. On the IUCN Red List, 11 species are listed.

Areni Wine Country (tourist places in Armenia)

Areni Wine Country: tourist places in Armenia
It shouldn’t be surprising that Areni Wine Country produces some of its best wines from grapes and vineyards. These have been grown here for over 6,000 years. The vineyards are surrounded by breathtaking mountain scenery, covering the entire mountainside and valley slope, with quaint tiny farmhouses and wineries dotting the landscape.
The best tourist places in Armenia. The area offers several exciting attractions for you to appreciate, such as the historic church of S Astvatsatsin and the Areni-1 Caves, which are home to an intriguing archaeological site. However, most visitors come for the area’s great local products.

Noravank (Sightseeing spots in Armenia)

Noravank: tourist places in Armenia
This incredible monastery from the 13th century is one of the best tourist places in Armenia, and for a good reason—it is surrounded by walls of reddish red cliffs. Noravank is a pleasure to visit because it has several stunning façades with intricate carvings and designs.
Visitors who want to explore the second story must climb a narrow stone stairway that winds up the side of the structure.
While the neighboring Amaghu Valley is no less alluring, the architecture is undoubtedly magnificent due to its age and level of complexity. The red-brick walls above provide a beautiful experience as you hike down the gorge. There are other exquisite chapels and khachkars (Armenian cross-stones) for visitors to enjoy, in addition to the Surp Astvatsatsin Church, which is the site’s most picturesque feature.

Lake Arpi

Lake Arpi
On the Ashotsk plateau in Armenia’s Shirak Province, in the northwest of the nation, is where you’ll find Lake Arpi. Lake Arpi has a much cozier atmosphere. The Akhurian River around the lake is used for irrigation and hydropower generation.
A new park was created in 2009 to preserve the place’s natural habitat, home to about 100 species of birds. As a result, Lake Arpi has a diverse range of flora and animals. In addition, it is home to one of the largest colonies of Armenian Gulls.
Flora and fauna are abundant around the lake. The Ramsar Convention protects the area, and a national park was created in 2009 to surround the lake. It is entirely covered in ice in the winter. Cyprinus and Varicorhinus are present in their waters. Around Lake Arpi, more than 100 bird species have been spotted, leading to the designation.

Amberd Fortress (tourist places in Armenia)

Amberd Fortress: tourist places in Armenia
Amberd Fortress dates to the seventh century and is one of the best tourist places in Armenia. Traveling from Yerevan, the nation’s capital takes an hour to the citadel, which once served as one of the Armenian Kingdom’s most important military strongholds. However, snowfall can make the castle impassable during the winter, with the weather often getting better by late May. Nevertheless, the stronghold itself is gorgeous, and the view from the top is much more so. The Byurakan Observatory is located in the village of Byurakan, only a short distance from Amberd Fortress. It’s one of best places to visit in Armenia.

Upper Azat Valley (Must-visit places in Armenia)

Upper Azat Valley
The Upper Azat Valley is also home to the partially carved-out-of-rock St. Astvatsatsin (Holy Mother of God) chapel. It is one of the best tourist places in Armenia.
Most chapels and graves at the Geghard monastery are rock carvings and stand as the epitome of Armenian medieval architecture. The complex of medieval buildings is situated at the Azat Valley’s beginning and encircled by breathtaking scenery and tall rocks.
One of Armenia’s World Heritage Sites is the majestic Geghard Monastery, for which the Upper Azat Valley is famous. Gregory the Illuminator established the monastery in the fourth century, the great chapel wasn’t built there until 800 years ago. The Geghard Monastery is one of the holiest places in Armenia. According to mythology, Apostle Thaddeus carried one of the spears used to crucify Jesus Christ to Armenia.

Khor Virap

Khor Virap, one of the best tourist places in Armenia. An Armenian monastery situated in the Ararat Plain, close to the Turkish border, about 8 km south of Artashat, in the Ararat Province, on the former land of the ancient Artaxata civilization. The monastery housed an academic seminary and the palace of the Catholicos of Armenia.
Although Mount Ararat can see almost everywhere in Armenia. The Khor Virap monastery, worth seeing in and of itself, may provide the best peak views. This region is one of the most important historical sites in Armenian history. It was Gregory the Illuminator’s 14-year detention facility. As a result, the King converted to Christianity, paving the way for Armenia to continue its spiritual development. In addition, one of Armenia’s most revered pilgrimage sites, Khor Virap. It is now a popular place for Armenian weddings because Gregory the Illuminator was imprisoned there.