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14 best tourist places to visit in Albania

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Explore beautiful tourist places to visit in Albania 

Albania Tourism

Best places to visit in Albania


Tourist places to visit in Tirana

Tirana, the capital of Albania, should not be missed when traveling there. It is not only Albania’s largest city, but it’s also a lively, enjoyable place to learn about the history and culture of the nation places to visit Albania. Skanderbeg Square is an excellent place to start because it is in the middle of the city and is where the magnificent National History Museum, which the enormous mosaic can recognize on its exterior, is located. The 18th-century Et’hem Bey Mosque and Burkart 2, one of two Cold War bunkers in Tirana skillfully transformed into art and history museums, are two more significant historical sites in the city center. The city is also teeming with cafes, bars, and eateries that create an opulent yet relaxed atmosphere.

One of Albania’s most attractive tourist destinations is Tirana. Tourists begin their adventure to explore Albania here, in the country’s capital. The city of Tirana is well-known for tourism. In addition, it offers a comfortable atmosphere and a temperate climate. One of the most vibrant cities in the Balkans is Tirana. As you stroll through the town, you’ll notice painted facades, graffiti, and murals that bring color to this vibrant city.

Butrint National Park (places to visit Albania)

Butrint National Park: places to visit Albania

One of the fantastic sites to visit in Albania is Butrint National Park, located near the Greek island of Corfu. Butrint National Park is surrounded by a lovely lake and mountains, making the scenery alone worth the trip. Sincerely, it is breathtaking.
This national park, home to numerous diverse ecosystems and striking archaeological monuments, exhibits a distinctive fusion of nature and history. Lake Butrint is on one side, and the Vivari Channel encircles this scenic area. Aside from this, the national park is home to 1,200 animals and plants. However, the main feature within the national park’s boundaries is an archaeological site with a 2,500-year history.

Gjirokastra (Tourist spots in Albania)


Gjirokastra, a Unesco city, is one of Albania’s best tourist destinations. In Gjirokastra, an incredible castle dominates the skyline and contains a military museum and an art gallery. In addition, you can see distinctive Ottoman-period architecture, including dwellings built like tiny castles.
On your vacation to Albania, one attraction you shouldn’t skip is the intriguing castle of Gjirokastra. The castle is a wonderful beauty, but the vista is truly breathtaking.
Every five years, a folklore festival is held in the castle of Gjirokastra; the most recent one was in 2015. In addition, anyone traveling through this region of the country should plan to visit the old Ottoman bazaar in Gjirokastra.

Vlore (places to visit Albania)

Vlore: places to visit Albania

One of the best tourist places to visit in Albania is Vlore. The beach town of Vlore is located southwest of Albania. It is well-known for producing olives and is thought to have 280,000 olive trees there.
Today, a monument honors this significant occasion in Albanian history. Younger travelers enjoy visiting Vlore’s Cold Water neighborhood for its trendy bars and eateries. The Albanian Independence Proclamation Building, where Albania declared independence a little over 100 years ago, is among Vlore’s numerous significant historic sites.
Today, a monument honors this significant occasion in Albanian history. Younger travelers enjoy visiting Vlore’s Cold Water neighborhood for its trendy bars and eateries.

Kruja (Albanian travel destinations)


Visits to Kruja are undoubtedly worthwhile. Because Skanderbeg, Albania’s national hero, was born and raised in Kruja, it is one of the most well-known towns in the country. One of Albania’s most prominent tourist destinations in Kruja. It’s one of best places to visit in Albania.

Kruja, which is only a short drive from Tirana, the country’s capital, is an essential stop for anyone visiting Albania for the first time. Although Kruja is the location of the national ethnographic museum, it is primarily known as the location of the Skanderbeg museum. The museum, housed in the Kruja castle, is one of Albania’s most significant and well-liked tourist destinations.
George Kastrioti Skanderbeg, a hero in Albania, spent three decades defending the nation from the Ottoman assault on this citadel.

Ksamil Islands (places to visit Albania)

places to visit Albania

The Ksamil Islands is one of the best tourist places to visit in Albania. It is an isolated group of three tiny islands off the coast that can be reached by boat from the little town of Ksamil, which are possibly the highlight of the Albanian Riviera. The Ksamil Islands, a part of the larger Butrint National Park, illustrate Albania at its most pristine and unspoiled. It’s one of the beautiful tourist places to visit in Albania.

A trip to the Blue Eye Spring is also essential for anyone wishing to take advantage of everything Ksamil offers while on their magical Albanian vacation. The Ksamil Islands have their busiest months in July and August, yet not many visitors come to the area even then.



Durres, Albania’s principal port, is also one of the country’s oldest cities. In addition, the largest arena in the Balkans is located in Durres, known for having one of Albania’s most picturesque beachfront stretches, Lalzit Bay. It’s one of best tourist places to visit in Albania.

When visiting Albania’s second-largest city, tourists might think about scheduling time to see the Durres Archaeological Museum, the Aleksander Moisiu Theatre, and the Royal Villa of Durres.
Durres has numerous cultural celebrations and events throughout the year, and Bujar Nishani, the country’s current president, was born there. Every summer, the whole global Albanian diaspora congregates at Durres. For that reason, it is worth visiting. You can’t afford to miss it when you factor in the beautiful coastline and a rich history spanning several dynasties.

Lake Koman (places to visit Albania)

Lake Koman: places to visit Albania

Anyone should put visiting Albania’s Lake Koman on their bucket list since it has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the Balkans. The journey takes tourists from the hydroelectric dam at Koman to the port of Fierza. It is referred to as one of the most incredible boat journeys in the world.
The views from the Lake Koman Ferry are breathtaking, even for the residents who use it frequently, who may now take for granted the rugged grandeur of the Albanian mountains. The ferry ride is also a fantastic chance to observe how many Albanians who live in rural areas live. it’s one of best tourist places to visit in Albania.

Lake Koman is not suitable for swimming, but the Shala River is. Therefore, reserve the 1-day boat tour to the Shala River if you wish to go swimming. The Shala Riverboats also leave from Koman, transporting passengers from Lake Koman to the Shala River and stopping at Shala Beach for lunch and swimming.



Pogradec, situated on Lake Ohrid’s eastern beaches, is one of Albania’s most exciting tourist destinations. It is a delightful city with several well-known attractions and less well-known ones. This duality makes it particularly family-friendly. In addition, the city and its surroundings are included in a UNESCO World Heritage Site covering North Macedonia and Albania.
The deepest lake in the Balkans is Lake Ohrid, which is bordered by Albania and Macedonia but is more well-known on its Macedonian side. It is renowned for having rich folklore. One of Albania’s most intriguing events on the tourism calendar is the Puppet Theater Festival. It is also about 30 to 45 minutes away from the breathtaking Shebenik-Jabllanice National Park and the Drilon Springs.

Albanian Riviera (places to visit Albania)

Albanian Riviera: places to visit Albania

Albania’s Ionian Sea coast, between Vlore in the north and Sarande in the south, is home to the stunning Albanian Riviera. About 150 miles of relatively undeveloped beaches and spectacular mountain views can be found there.
The Albanian Riviera is arguably the most well-liked tourism destination in the nation. As a result of hosting numerous international music events, such as Turtle Fest and Soundwave Albania, the riviera is gaining recognition as a significant music destination. In addition, several nightclubs, including Folie Marine at Jale Beach and Havana Beach Club in Dhermi, lure young people to the Albanian Riviera from all over Europe.
Porto Palermo Beach, Llamani Beach, and Filikuri Beach are some of the finest sandy stretches in the region, and Drymades Beach is one of the liveliest places here. The seaside town of Himara is among the best places to visit on the Riviera.

Berat (Albanian travel destinations)


There are numerous historical sites, intriguing locations, and activities to enjoy in Berat, including mosques, winding cobblestone streets, and the medieval fortification known as Berat Castle. Therefore it is worth place to visit Albania.
It is simple to understand why Berat is one of the most favored tourist sites in Albania with its magnificent Ottoman-style homes. Visitors will enjoy seeing the ruins of Berat Castle and strolling down to the exquisite Gorica Bridge, in addition to taking in the area’s stunning surroundings. The 13th-century Church of the Holy Trinity, the final remains of the Red Mosque, and the items in the Onufri National Iconographic Museum are a few further noteworthy historical locations near Berat.

Saranda (places to visit Albania)

 Saranda: places to visit Albania

Among their preferred vacation spots, Albanians like to spend their time in Saranda. The town is attractive and provides a way to enjoy beautiful days without breaking. As soon as you arrive in town, stroll down the recently renovated boulevard, a lengthy, elegant street close to the water.
The resort city of Saranda and several of Albania’s top beaches are located at the southernmost point of the country’s extensive coastline. Saranda has something for everyone who visits by combining fantastic beaches, a hopping nightlife, and intriguing historical sites. Although Pulbardha Beach’s beachfront is attractive, Mango Beach and Saranda Beach are the two central beach regions that come alive throughout the summer. Licursi Castle is at the top of the list of attractions because of its hilltop ruins and stunning sunset views. It is also possible for visitors to Saranda to spend a day in Greece because Corfu, a well-known island, is only a short ferry trip away.



The traditional capital of northern Albania, also known as is Shkodran, renowned for its artistic and cultural richness and stormy past among Albanians. It is one of the best places tp visit Albania. Shkoder is an excellent, unassuming place to travel to and unwind. Although most tourists stop in Shkoder between Tirana and Montenegro or use it as a base while hiking in the mountains, it is still worth a trip. It’s a fantastic place to visit in Albania.
Look to the northern city of Shkodra for an Albanian town with a radically different appearance and atmosphere. Shkodra, frequently referred to as Albania’s cultural center is home to several festivals, some enlightening local museums, and the renowned Migjeni Theater. However, visitors are often most fascinated by the city center’s pastel-colored structures, which give the historic area an unexpectedly Italian vibe. The most notable attractions are the magnificent Ebu Bekr Mosque and Rozafa Castle, home to many local legends. Shkodra Lake, where you may take boat rides, is only a few kilometers from the city’s center. Shkodra frequently serves as a gateway for visitors to the northern Albanian Alps.

Albanian Alps (Tourist spots in Albania)

Albanian Alps
The stunning mountains of Albania, which make up the Albanian Alps, are equally beautiful as the country’s shoreline. These towering mountains are commonly referred to as the Accursed Mountains. They are located in Albania’s extreme north, close to the Montenegrin border. Two of Albania’s most beloved national parks, Theth National Park and Valbona Valley National Park, are located in the Alps. These areas are ideal for tourists who enjoy hiking and the outdoors because they have several routes through deep forests and past waterfalls and springs. In addition, the little mountain settlements of Theth and Valbona are great locations for exploring and offer lodging in the Albanian Alps.