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St. Angelo Fort

Best tourist places in Kannur | Kerala tourism|

Tourist Places to Visit in Kannur if You’re Looking for a Quick Trip

Come visit Kannur, the city of red hills, blue waters, and green valleys. The district of Kannur in Kerala is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered. While most travellers will head straight to the beaches or hill stations when they think of a quick trip from Cochin, you’ll be surprised to know that Kannur has even more to offer than what meets the eye. Given its location as the northernmost district of Kerala, it’s no surprise that much of what you see here is influenced by its close proximity to Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

List of best tourist places in kannur

Kannur Fort : one of famous tourist places in kannur

At the heart of Kannur is the imposing Kannur Fort also known as St. Angelo Fort which was built in 1500 AD by the Portuguese, but was destroyed in an earthquake in 1880. It’s a great place to walk around, and you can also visit the Archaeological Museum inside the fort. The museum has some rare artefacts from the Iron Age and the Chera period.

Tourist places in kannur
St. Angelo Fort

The Kannur Beach is just a 15-minute walk from here. This amazing place is one of best tourist places in kannur to visit.

St. Thomas Church

Situated in the heart of Kannur city, St. Thomas Church is one of the most important churches in Kerala. According to tradition, St. Thomas, one of Jesus’ 12 disciples, came to Kerala and preached his message of love. He is believed to have built seven churches in Kerala, and St. Thomas Church in Kannur is one of them. The church is also home to two rare treasures: the ornate golden crown of the apostle and the ancient wooden bed on which he is believed to have died.

Beypore and Thalassery

Both Beypore and Thalassery (which is about 30-35-kilometres away) are worth visiting for their distinct cultures. Beypore is a small coastal town famous for its wooden ship-building industry, which is the oldest surviving ship building industry in the world. It’s also famous for its intricate wooden carvings. Thalassery, on the other hand, is famous for its unique cuisine, which is a blend of both Malayali and South Indian food.

Muzhappilangad Beach

This is very clean and well maintained beach. It is located 7 kilometers away from Talassery, Kannur. This beach boasts of a 4 kilometers long sandy beach. Here you can drive by car and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the beautiful Malabar Coast. Also, here you can enjoy swimming, paragliding, parasailing, micro light flights, water sports, power boating, simple catamaran rides, etc. Visit this place and spend your time relaxing on this amazing beach. This is a best place for photographers and food vloggers.

Palakkayam Thattu

This place is adorned with luxurious dense greenery, sky touching trees and majestic hillocks. Palakkayam Thattu is the most famous trekking destination in the south. This hill station is often visited by low hanging clouds that render the entire atmosphere. You must travel to this amazing place with your family and friends.

Kannur Light House

This is the first lighthouse to be built in Kerala. This place has a history as well as cultural significance. This lighthouse is standing at a height of 75 feet. When you visit this place the feeling of wind on your face at the highest point will really leave you breathless. Visit this place and enjoy the mesmerizing water fountain show in the evening.

Baby Beach

Baby beach is an extension of the popular Payyambalam beach. This is a small beach located in Kannur. This place attracts tourists by its coastline. Best part of the beach is its rocky part, it makes wonderful photogenic site where tourists love to capture the memories. Visit this place with your loved ones and have memorable outing.

Mapilla Bay

This place is also called Mappila Beach, Mopila Bay. It is located right next to St. Angelo and Arakkal Palace. A high wall extends into the sea from the adjacent Kannur Fort, it separates sea and inland water so that boats could arrive inward and anchor safely. Boating within the bay area is pleasant but make sure the weather conditions will stay favourable. Nowadays it is more place of a fishing than a sightseeing spot.

Sundareshwara Temple

Lord Shiva resides in this temple in the form of Sundareshwara means the god of beauty. Sri Chaitanya Swamy, lord Shiva devotee and renowned artist decorated interiors of the temple in a grand manner. The interior of the temple with lavishly decorated walls and magnificent ceilings capture the essence of grandeur like never before seen. In large numbers, devotees and tourists visit this place every year.


Ezhimala, is a group of Hills, which attracts tourists due to its amazing beauty. In ancient times, it was capital of Musika Dynasty. Lord Buddha came to visit the site and local people believed that there is an incident related to Ramayana behind the origin of this hill. Here you can also see a temple of Lord Hanuman and a Lighthouse named Mount Deli lighthouse. This place is located 55 kilometers away from Kannur Town. The Ettikulam Bay is located close to this area. Visit the beaches of Ezhimala, which are very beautiful and calm.