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Luxury trains in india

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Are you searching for Luxury trains in India? You’re at the right place.


If you are looking for luxury trains in India, then here is the list of top luxury trains in India.

List of famous Luxury trains in India

Palace on wheels (lavish express in India)

Palace on Wheels is a luxury train service in India. It was launched in 1982 and has been running since then with the same name. The train travels at an average speed of 60 km/h (40 mph), operating between Delhi and Agra via Gwalior and Jaipur.

Luxury trains in india

The main attraction of Palace on Wheels is its five-star accommodation, which includes suites with private bathrooms, plasma TVs with satellite channels, and four-poster beds adorned with hand-stitched linen sheets.

Deccan odyssey (Luxury trains in India)

The Deccan Odyssey is an Indian luxury train service operated by the Indian Railways. It runs on the Mumbai-delhi route. It is one of India’s most luxurious trains, with 23 coaches in total and two dining cars that are equipped with all-weather facilities for passengers’ convenience.

The train also has a lounge car where passengers can relax and unwind after their journey, or simply enjoy some free time while travelling through beautiful scenery along this route

Maharajas’ express

The Maharajas’ Express is a luxury train that starts from Delhi. it’s Designed to give you a royal experience, it has a dining car, bar, and observation car. There’s also a lounge, spa, and library as well as a swimming pool, gym, and sauna or steam room. It’s also one of the most famous Luxury trains in India.

The train has been designed with comfort in mind: there are double beds on every carriage (except first class), individual air conditioning units in each cabin, and even tea makers!

Royal Rajasthan on wheels (Luxury trains in India)

Royal Rajasthan on Wheels is a luxury train that travels through the whole of Rajasthan. The journey takes you through the most beautiful parts of this state, which are home to some of India’s most famous landmarks and attractions. You can experience all that this region has to offer while taking in breathtaking views and experiencing unique cultural experiences along the way.

Golden chariot (extravagance Trains in India)

The Golden Chariot is a luxury train in India. It is a coach train that runs on tracks, and it’s designed to offer a unique experience.

The Golden Chariot was launched in 2008 as an initiative by the Indian Railways to promote tourism in India by providing both local and foreign tourists with luxurious accommodation, food and entertainment options at an affordable price. It runs from Mysore to Goa .

The train travel in India has become very popular over the years because of its scenic routes and beautiful destinations. If you want to experience something special then this might be just what you need!

If you are planning to travel in India, then there are some luxury trains that can make your trip more enjoyable. These trains have all the facilities and comforts of a first-class hotel. They come with food and beverage options that are fit for a king or queen, along with many other things like Wi-Fi, ACs, etc., so if you are looking for an ultimate experience when you travel then these luxury trains will be perfect for you!


With the right train, you can have a memorable journey that will be remembered for years to come. And with Indian railways, there’s no better way to enjoy your travels than by riding in style and comfort.