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You can travel to these European countries in 2021

You can travel to these European countries in 2021

Introduction of You can travel to these European countries in 2021

You can travel to these European countries in 2021. The truth is that in practice these guidelines have not worked and practically everyone has followed the path that they believe is most convenient. It is a way that we are going to find many different regulations and we are thinking of traveling to Europe at the moment and just a good An example is Greece, a country that belongs to the Schengen area that belongs to the European Union uses euros and despite that, it has decided to go a different path in terms of reactivation of tourism and is that tired of waiting for a joint regulation to be reached.

That not only will they accept the psr

They have decided to impose their own rules is in this way that they have announced that as of next week they will eliminate the quarantine of all travelers who come from the same European Union but not only that, they will also include other countries such as the United States, Israel, Serbia or the United Arab Emirates, with which you will begin to travel to Greece from countries abroad, it may already be a reality, in addition to the fact that there has already been a lot of talks that not only will they accept the psr but there will also be the possibility of presenting your vaccination certificate considering how fast.

It goes to the US on this issue as many from this country could soon start traveling to Greece without the need to quarantine nor any extra requirement other than presenting your own vaccination certificate countries with very similar regulations are Iceland, Slovenia, Poland, Estonia, and Cyprus, which also accept vaccination certificates and that has made tourism open to more countries, however, it is still restricted to certain nations so if you already have your vaccination certificate you want to travel to one of these it is also important that you check the list of countries to which it is allowed to travel and as I tell you in all my article this will be accompanied by a text with This information that.

I am giving you and also of course with links to the official websites where you can just consult these lists to know if your country applies to entry or not yet, European countries that do accept any nationality as long as you are already vaccinated here we could find Croatia and Georgia but in the case of Croatia, it is very important It is important that they review the accommodation requirement in which it establishes that you must already have it paid for and carry out a procedure before your arrival to be able to enter but again it is a country that is said to be open to everyone today with two others open in Europe and On the one hand.


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The difference is that depending on which

We have Ukraine, which already allows travelers from all over the world to enter here, the difference is that depending on which one you are going to, they will impose certain requirements on you, but the truth is that it is very easy, they have their official website where you write your country. and it tells you what requirements you must present and if you have to undergo quarantine or not, another reopened in a slightly different way is malta and it is that this Mediterranean island can be visited but as long as you have spent the previous 14 days To your trip in a country that they consider safe.

It is in this way that they have a list of safe countries and while you travel from this it does not matter your nationality. You will be able to enter Malta, on the other hand, countries that accept you without further requirements, maybe a PCR depending on where you travel but which are considered the easiest to travel to Europe, would be Albania, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Serbia, precisely this country has gained importance. In the last weeks since it became known that it was allowing tourists to be legally vaccinated, however, consider that this can be variable that they may run out soon so thinking about a trip from America to Serbia would be complicated but a great question.

When I speak One of these countries is exactly how I would get to one of this considering that they belong to Eastern Europe and well here very simple and it is that another European country already reopened is Turkey at least to most of the nations this means that we could take it as a point of entry to the rest of Europe and I have already told you that since d In December of last year, direct flights between Mexico City and Istanbul were reactivated, which could be a quite viable alternative. From Turkey, look for a short flight to one of these countries. mentioned from Europe are not in a position to receive tourists, some much more closed than others and.

You can travel to these European countries in 2021
You can travel to these European countries in 2021

The same countries of the European Union

If they may accept foreign travelers for tourist purposes from the same countries of the European Union, suddenly from some Asians who consider that they do not involve many risks as it would be South Korea or Singapore, but travel from America is very complicated or only with certain exceptions and that is the reason why many times I do not focus on these because it could be said that they are closed to travel to the American continent now within these we could find Norway and Belgium which are currently the most closed and even.

They are very restricted for travelers from the same European Union while other countries such as Spain Italy Holland advise them to travel they ask that their residents do not travel abroad but they continue to accept travelers from some countries of the world mainly as I say from the same European Union precisely Here I want to take up the case of Spain- which has caused a lot of confusion and that is that in a few days its state of emergency will end and it is expected that it will no longer be prolonged but this confused many travelers who believe that this means that They will be able to travel to Spain without restrictions or from America and the truth is that.

This end of the state of emergency does not mean that the borders are reopened for all the countries that could travel to Spain previously, so you have to be patient and do not let yourself go with this news that is suddenly handled in a somewhat sensationalist way where it seems that everyone is going to be able to travel Spain And it was not like that and I continue with a count of some countries that ask me a lot that they always leave me in the comments section and of course, there leave me your suggestions of which countries you want me to explain a little more or topics in general that interest you. and well, in this way that also.

That also discourages residents

They had asked me a lot to talk about France and it is a country that also discourages residents from going on a trip and is also very closed to international tourism and in fact in which we find that the main tourist attractions at least in its capital Paris is closed it is not possible to visit the loop museum the Eiffel tower or Disneyland Paris and this situation can be extended So it is also important to consider not only if we can travel to the country but if there is something to do when.

We arrive when we are thinking about tourist trips and a very similar situation is the one faced in Italy where there are also quite a few restrictions practically of no place they can enter more than for essential trips and once you enter, everything that can be done in the country is very restricted, a situation that could almost be said to be repeated the same in the Netherlands where tourism is also very restricted if they accept for essential trips If they accept entry from certain countries but where all the main tourist attractions are closed.

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