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Varkala Beach

visiting places in thiruvananthapuram

Thiruvananthapuram or Trivandrum is the capital of Kerala. It presents the ideal combination of the rich legacy and pioneer heritage. No big surprise, there is no lack of the best places to visit in Trivandrum. Lining the Arabian Sea, Trivandrum gloats about transcending sanctuaries, mind-boggling historical centres, long sandy coastlines, and wealthy royal residences. This city has held its old-world appeal, and engineering wonders can be tracked everywhere. There are plenty of stunning spots to visit in Thiruvananthapuram, which merit a visit and will leave you hypnotized.

1. Kovalam


Located 13 km from Trivandrum, Kovalam is an untainted waterfront town. It is prestigious for its 17 km long coastline and three adjoining bows moulded sea shores – Lighthouse, Hawah, and Samudra.
Kovalam brags about Ayurveda resorts, lavish lodgings, and rich social legacy, making it among the best places to visit in Thiruvananthapuram. This clamouring seashore location is honoured with brilliant quality, sandy beaches, and tranquil backwaters.
It’s anything but an ideal spot to channelize your internal thrill seeker and restore your whole self. it’s one best visiting places in thiruvananthapuram .

2. Meenmutty and Kombaikani Fall

Meenmutty and Kombaikani Fall

Meenmutty Falls has situated close to the Neyyar supply 45 km from Trivandrum. They are arranged inside the thick timberland and are available by walking. Kombaikuni Falls is 2 km from Meenmutty Falls.
These are among the most exciting cascades and settled in the lap of thick wilderness. The great perspective on 1000 feet spouting falls and genuinely flawless scenery offers a striking difference for photography.

3. Napier Museum

Napier Museum

Arranged in the core of Trivandrum, Napier Museum is the ideal spot to look at Kerala’s rich social history briefly. It was underlying the nineteenth Century and houses authentic curios, including old trimmings, bronze figures, ivory carvings, and artworks.
This exhibition hall is a design wonder and an ideal mix of Indo-Saracenic style. The gallery complex houses two structures, including Great Napier Museum and Natural History Museum.

4. Varkala Beach

Varkala Beach

Situated on the north end line of Trivandrum locale, Varkala Beach is otherwise called Papanasam Beach. It is accepted that scrubbing down here washes away every one of the transgressions. This beach brags about lively environs and an excellent stretch of sand.
Famous for Ayurvedic resorts, spas, and mineral coils, Varkala Beach is probably the best seashore in Kerala. The seashore likewise offers experience exercises like surfing, swimming, and parasailing. Likewise, enjoy reflection and yoga while travelling in Varkala. it’s one of best visiting places in thiruvananthapuram .

5. Ponmudi


Ponmudi is a pure town in Trivandrum and settled in the lap of the Western Ghats. The slants of this slope town are covered in fog, and the path is the visual threat. Wrapped with great green slopes, tea manors, and spouting waterfalls, Ponmudi is well known among experience fans and nature dearests.
An ideal mix of mild and laid back climates, Golden Valley, is a well-known wedding trip objective in Ponmudi. It’s one of best visiting places in thiruvananthapuram .

6. Poovar Island

Poovar Island

Flawlessly tucked between the shocking River Neyyar and the Arabian Sea and situated around 35 km south of the whole town of Trivandrum. Poovar Island is an exemplification of excellence and uncommon regular wonder. One can track down an ideal blend of stream, lake, ocean, and beaches at a similar site. It is the island where the emerald backwater of Kerala joins the beaches. The brilliant sand, calming breeze, waving coconut palms, and more allure make it amazing to loosen up. it’s also one of best visiting places in thiruvananthapuram .

7. Shangumugham Beach

Shangumugham Beach

Only 10 kilometres from the city, Shanghumugham seashore is one of the desirable vacationer locations to visit in Trivandrum. Give a visual treat to your eyes with the beautiful dusk sees from the seashore. The group, particularly at the end of the week, make this spot more unique. Appreciate sporting exercises, beach volleyball, swimming, elephant rides, or essentially unwind and walk around the shoreline. It’s also one of best visiting places in thiruvananthapuram .

8. Neyyar Dam & Wildlife Sanctuary

Neyyar Dam & Wildlife Sanctuary

Situated around 32 km away from Trivandrum, Neyyar Dam and Wildlife Sanctuary are admired for their lion safari park, rich biodiversity, and lovely view. The asylum is a recovery place for elephants and has a crocodile ranch. It brags a few animal groups of wild creatures like lions, tigers, elephants, lion-followed macaques, panthers, sambar deers, and Nilgiri tahrs. Aside from that, uncommon assortments of relaxing spice, prosperous ranches, and green knolls can be seen here. The haven is additionally a heaven for experience devotees as it has numerous regular journeying trails. Neyyar Dam and Lake, found near the safe-haven, offer an excellent sailing and bird watching site.

9. Peppara Dam & Wildlife Sanctuary

Peppara Dam & Wildlife Sanctuary

It is probably the best place to visit in Trivandrum, particularly for natural life lovers. Situated around 35 km away from the city, Peppara Dam and Wildlife Sanctuary is a house of a few wild creatures and uncommon types of birds. One can discover different types of creatures, including panther, tiger, sloth bear, elephant, deer, cap macaque, Nilgiri langur, and Nilgiri tahr, and so forth. Cloudy mountains encircle this encapsulation of magnificence. Numerous untamed life sweethearts and ornithologists visit this spot to notice the natural life intently. Peppara dam close to the asylum is one of the significant wellsprings of water supply to the city.

10. Kowdiar Palace

visiting places in thiruvananthapuram

This twentieth-century engineering wonder is the authority home of the current Maharajah of Travancore. Situated around 4 km away from Trivandrum, it is probably the best place to visit in Kerala. The royal residence was worked by Maharaja Moolam Thirunal, which portrays a great mix of Travancore style of engineering and plan. The castle is encircled by lavish plant life and has more than 150 rooms.

11. Veli Tourist Village

Veli Tourist Village

Situated at Veli Lake and the Arabian Sea, the Veli Tourist Village is a dazzling outing place. It’s anything but a supernatural affair with nature that draws in nature darlings and fun searchers the same. Models here are an additional joy on which children even ascend while picnicking. It’s anything but a recreation centre, particularly for youngsters. Savour the experience of the burn of a nursery on the banks of Veli Lagoon. Veli seashore is another fascination here. A long walkway associating with Aakulam Lake can likewise be appreciated here.

12. Attukal Temple

Attukal Temple

Devoted to goddess Bhadrakali – one of the types of goddess Mahakali, this reservation is among the most pursued place. Its magical structural plan and peacefulness coax aficionados from all over. No big surprise, it is extraordinary compared to other vacationers puts in Trivandrum. It is commended for holding different Guinness World Records just as inviting the greatest lovers for celebrations. Invigorate yourself with some espresso and snacks at the well known Indian Coffee House close to the reservation.

13. Aruvikkara Dam

Aruvikkara Dam

Remaining on the edges of Thiruvananthapuram, Aruvikkara Dam settles on a decent decision for an end of the week escape. Enjoy the smoothness and picturesque appeal all around as Karamana River sends you a welcome to invest some energy in the perfect excellence of nature. Attractions around the dam add to why it is viewed as one of the best place to visit in Trivandrum.

14. Agasthyakoodam


Agasthyakoodam is among the highest pinnacles of Kerala, which is named after Saint Agasthya. The pinnacle is home to uncommon therapeutic spices alongside other vegetation. The region is known to have more than 2000 types of orchids, lichens, greeneries, and greeneries. You can watch it’s anything but a site near Neyyar Dam and Bonacaud. It would help if you acquired a woods pass from the natural life office in Thiruvananthapuram.

15. Vizhinjam


‘Vizhinjam’ is a characteristic port and among the most active fishing harbours found near-global transportation in Thiruvananthapuram. A show plant remains here that changes over energy from ocean waves to power. A few beautiful fishing boats are seen tucked in the harbour. On the shore, you can observe the fishing life of local people. Among a few massive recorded realities related to it, it is significant that the place was a fighting ground from 850 AD to 1400 AD.

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