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Tourist places in Rajgir And Places to Visit in Rajgir

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Explore The Best Tourist places in Rajgir & Places to Visit in Rajgir

Rajgir Tourism

Rajgir is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. It is a small town situated in the state of Bihar, surrounded by lush greenery and dotted with ancient monuments. Rajgir is known for its stunning natural beauty, fascinating historical sites, and religious importance. From Buddhist monasteries to Hindu temples and Jain shrines, this place has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a peaceful getaway or an exciting adventure, Rajgir has it all! So if you are planning to visit Rajgir soon, here are some of the must-visit tourist places that you should not miss out on.

Rajgir Tour

The city is surrounded by hills. Rajgir is one the of best honeymoon places in Bihar.The city is also mentioned in Mahabharata as Girivraja. Jarasandh was from this place. There is a place known as Jarasandh’s akhara, where martial arts are practiced. Rajgir is also mentioned in Jain and Buddhist scriptures. The first Buddhist council was held in this ancient city.

List of top tourist places in Rajgir Bihar

1. Vishwa Shanti stupa

Vishwa Shanti stupa

Shanti Stupa is a white-domed stupa (chorten) on the hill of Chamsupa in the Leh district of Ladakh, northern India. Built-in 1991 by Japanese Buddhist monk Yukimei Nakamura and was part of the Peace Pagoda Mission.
The Vishwa Shanti Stupa sits on top of a hill at an altitude of 400 meters. The stupa is made of marble and has four shining Buddha images of him at the four corners of the stupa. To reach the top of this hill, you have to take a ‘cable car’.

2. Rajgir Ropeway

rajgir ropeway

The Rajgir Cable Car is considered the oldest cable car in the country. This chairlift cable car takes you to an altitude of nearly 1000 feet above sea level for breathtaking panoramic views of the enchanting Punt Wildlife Sanctuary and the majestic mountains of Udaigiri, Vaibagiri, Songgiri, and Viparachal can enjoy . The cable car is usually used by Jain, Hindu, and Buddhist pilgrims who use the chairlift as a means of transportation to the Vishwa Shanti Stupa at the top of Ratnagiri Hill.

3.Makhdum Kund

makhdum kund

Makdum Kund is a darga and hot springs dedicated to the Sufi saint Makdum Shah. This kund is renowned for its holiness and is frequented by both Hindu and Muslim denominations. The saint lived in the Rajgir forest for 12 years and visited Kund regularly. It is believed that Kund’s water never dries up.

4. Saptaparni cave

saptaparni cave

Saptparni Cave, also known as Sapta parni guha (Saraiki) or sattapaṇṇi guhā (in Pali), is known literally as Seven Leaves Cave .In the distance, Saptaparni Cave is a Buddhist cave on Vaibhavgiri Hill in Rajgir, known as the Buddhist Council formed six months after the death of the Buddha. The Mandap Committee was also formed by King Ajatsator and used by Buddhist councils in these caves.

5. Stupa of Sariputra

stupa of Sariputra

Shariputra strictly adhered to Buddhist monastic rules was known for his wisdom and teaching ability and was known as the “General of the Laws” Shariputra is considered the wisest Buddha’s disciple. Built-in the 3rd century BC, it was built by the Moorish king Ashoka in honor of Buddha’s devotee Shariputra. Shariputra became a famous Arhat after he was able to follow in the footsteps of Buddha and obtain salvation. The stupa contains the bones of Sariputra, one of Gautam his Buddha’s two principal disciples.

7. Maniyar Math

maniyar math

The Manyar Math, made of cylindrical bricks, is a fine example of the Gupta period. One of Rajgir’s most famous tourist attractions, it was built to commemorate Nagasari Bhadra, who allegedly buried his treasure in a well. During his excavations from 1861 to 1862, many statues were found. You can also see tall stucco statues of Lord Shiva and Ganesha from the Gupta period, as well as many smaller buildings built for religious and ceremonial purposes.

6 . Rajgir Glass Bridge : One of famous tourist places in Rajgir

The glass floor bridge is 85 feet long and 6 feet wide. The bridge is built 400 feet above the ground and can carry up to 40 people. It has been built by the Bihar government to promote tourism in the state. Rajgir has five high hills around this bridge. The bridge can accommodate up to 40 visitors at one time. Rajgir Bridge is open to tourists from all over the world. Rajgir glass bridge is one of worth places to visit in rajgir.

7. Rajgir Zoo Safari

Rajgir Zoo Safari is an exciting and unique experience that allows visitors to explore the diverse wildlife of Rajgir. Located in Bihar, India, this zoo is home to a variety of animals, birds and reptiles. Visitors can take a safari tour on open jeeps and buses to observe the wild animals in their natural habitat. The safari also offers educational activities for kids such as bird watching, animal feeding and nature walks. With its lush greenery, Rajgir Zoo Safari is an ideal destination for families who want to spend quality time together while exploring the wonders of nature.

8. Rajgir Hot springs

Rajgir hot springs are a popular tourist attraction in the Indian state of Bihar. The hot springs are located near Rajgir, the ancient capital of the Magadha Kingdom. The springs have been used for centuries for their therapeutic and healing properties.

The waters of Rajgir hot springs contain natural minerals that are believed to help treat various ailments, including rheumatism and skin diseases. Visitors can take a dip in the warm waters or just relax by its banks and enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding hillsides. The place is one of must visit tourist places in Rajgir.

9. Pandu pokhar

It’s a small pond believed to be built by Pandu, Father of Pandavas. Pandu Pokhar has been an important part of Rajgir’s cultural heritage since ancient times. It is surrounded by lush green hills and has a beautiful view from the top of the hill. The lake also provides a great opportunity for bird watching, with various species of birds being spotted here regularly.

10. Veerayatan Jain Museum, Rajgir

Veerayatan Jain Museum, located in Rajgir, India is an incredible place that showcases the rich culture and history of the Jain religion. It houses an impressive collection of artifacts related to the Jains, including statues, paintings and manuscripts. The museum also provides visitors with a glimpse into the lives of ancient Jains by displaying their traditional clothing and jewelry. Visitors can also explore a variety of interactive activities that help them learn more about this ancient religion. With its unique exhibits and educational resources, Veerayatan Jain Museum is sure to be an unforgettable experience for all who visit it.

11. Vulture peak, Rajgir

Vulture Peak in Rajgir is a popular destination for tourists and pilgrims alike. Located in the Nalanda district of Bihar, it is an important pilgrimage site for Buddhists. It is also known as Gridhakuta or Vulture’s Peak, where Lord Buddha used to meditate and preach his sermons. The peak is surrounded by lush green hills, making it a great place to relax and enjoy nature.

It is also home to many species of birds such as vultures, eagles, hawks and kites which can be seen soaring in the skies around the peak. Visitors can take part in various activities like trekking and sightseeing around the area.

12. Cyclopean wall, Rajgir

Rajgir is a city in India that is renowned for its ancient Cyclopean wall. This wall was built during the time of the Magadha Empire and is believed to have been constructed by Kings of Rawani Dynasty. The walls are made up of large stones, some of which weigh up to 20 tons, and are estimated to be around 3,000 years old. The walls are thought to have been built for defensive purposes as they are quite tall.

The Cyclopean wall of Rajgir has become a major tourist attraction in recent years as it is one of the few remaining structures from this era. Visitors come from all over the world to marvel at this impressive structure and learn about its history. It has also become an important part of Indian culture, with many locals visiting it regularly for religious ceremonies or rituals.

13. Sonabhandar Caves

Sonabhandar Caves are located in the city of Rajgir, India. It is believed that, bimbisara, ruler of magadha had stored Gold Materials & jewellery. The site is known for its rich history and spiritual significance. The Caves are part of vaibhavi hills ,Rajgir.Sonabhandar is also home to a number of important archaeological sites, including several stupas and caves with inscriptions from the Mauryan period. The monastery also houses a collection of ancient artifacts that provide insight into the life and culture of ancient India. Sonabhandar stands as a testament to India’s rich cultural heritage and serves as an important reminder of our shared past.

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