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Tourist places in Dehradun & Best Places to Visit in Dehradun

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Explore The Best Places to Visit in Dehradun & Famous Tourist Places in Dehradun

 Dehradun Tourist Places

Dehradun is the winter capital of Uttrakhand. Also, it’s the most populated city in Uttarakhand. Dehradun derives its name from the doon valley because it is located in the doon valley. At an altitude of 1400 feet above sea level, this city is situated on the backdrop of the Garhwal Himalayas. Let’s explore the tourist places in Dehradun.

List of top tourist places in Dehradun

1. Sahastradhara (Tourist places in Dehradun)

Sahastradhara : one of best tourist places in Dehradun : Tourist places in dehradun

Sahastradhara is the most famous place in Dehradun. It’s 11 km from the city. You will also see agricultural land, steps, caves, and waterfalls at this place. Devotees, Nature lovers, and Photographers love this place. It is famous for its medicinal sulfur springs that can cure skin diseases. Nestled between the river Baldi and the caves on either side, It is known for its natural beauty and is a popular picnic spot. It has an ecstatic natural beauty with water dripping from limestone stalactites and is also called a sulfur spring because of the large amount of sulfidation in the water. It certainly rejuvenates the soul and spirit.

Timings: 5 am to 6 pm
Ticket Charges: Free

2. Robbers’ Cave  (Tourist attractions in Dehradun) 

Robbers' cave : One of Best Places to Visit in Dehradun

The robbers’ cave is located near Sahastradhara. The robbers’ den is 8 km away from the city. This 600 meters long cave is divided into two main parts. Also, the Robbers cave is a famous tourist attraction in Dehradun. It’s also one of the best places in Dehradun to visit. In ancient times, robbers hid at this place from the British. Local people call this place “Guchchupani.” The Robbers Cave experiment showed that bringing hostile groups together was not enough to reduce prejudice between groups. Instead, the investigation confirmed that groups must work together and have a common goal to create peace. It exudes an unparalleled charm. One of Dehradun’s most famous attractions, he’s a great place to take a long walk or sit back and relax.

Timings: 7 am to 6 pm
Ticket Charges: Free

Local bus services are available up to Agarwala village; from there, it’s a 1 km trek away.

3. Tiger falls (Tourist places in Dehradun)

tiger fall: Tourist places in dehradun

Tiger fall is known as the aasthma’shighest direct waterfall in India. It falls 98 km away from the city. Local people say that this fall echoes the stories of ancient times. Here you will see many monuments. Here trekking is risky. This place is also a picnic spot. Here you can do Rafting and Rappelling. Tiger Falls is hidden in the hills of Chakratha in Uttarakhand, India. Located 98 km from the state capital Dehradun and 20 km from Chakrata, it can be reached by a 5 km trek through rhododendron and oak trees. At 312 feet high, it is considered the tallest direct waterfall in India.

Timings: 5 am t7 pmpm
Ticket Charges: Free

You have to pay for Trekking, Rafting, and Rappelling. The falls are one of the famous places in Uttarakhand.

4. Mindrolling Monastery (Sightseeing spots in Dehradun)

Mindrolling Monastery

Mindrolling Monastery is a  Clement town in Dehradun. Also, Mindrolling Monastery is one of the most famous monasteries in the world. Here you will see large areas, a stupa, and beautiful gardens.  Mindrolling Monastery, one of the six Nyingma monasteries, was built in 1965 by Kochen Rinpoche. Located 10 kilometers from Clement Town, Mindrolling Abbey offers spectacular views of the neighboring town. This monastery was built to renew the mind-rolling monasteries of India.

Timings: 9 am to 7 pm

and closed for one hour in the afternoon. Timings may vary depending on the season.

5. Tapkeshwar temple (Tourist places in Dehradun)

Tapkeshwar temple: Tourist places in dehradun

Tapkeshwar temple is also known as Tapkeshwar Mahadev temple. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Tapkeshwar Mahadev temple is 6 km away from the city. Also, There’s a ship linga in Dronacharya cave where water drops drip on the shiv linga. The temple is on Garhi Cantt road. Also, The tapkeshwar Mahadev temple is 7.5 km away from the Dehradun railway station. The Tapkeshwar Mahadev Temple owes its importance to the natural Shiva Linga within the cave. A long time ago, a river flowed through the cave, dropping drops continuously on the Siblings. So this has become a place of tribute to the locals.

Timings: 4 am to 10:30 pm
Ticket Charges: Free

6. Tapovan : One of beautiful tourist places in Dehradun 


Tapovan is a sacred temple in the vicinity of Dehradun. It is 5 km away from the city. Also, It’s situated on the Bank of the river Ganga. It is derived from two words, ‘Tapasya’ and ‘Van,’ which means Harsh and Forest. It is a peaceful place. To relax your mind, you can visit this amazing place. Located at 14,640 feet above sea level, the Tapoban or Penance Forest has a rocky terrain and small streams. It is famous for the Gangotri-Tapoban trek, a heartbreaking adventure.

Timings: 6 am to 8 pm
Ticket Charges: Free

7. Lachhiwala (Tourist places in Dehradun)

Lachiwala: Tourist places in dehradun

Lachhiwala is a popular summer destination amongst visitors. It’s also famous as a Nature Park. Also, Lachhiwala is a famous picnic spot in Dehradun. It’s also one of the best places to visit in Dehradun. At a short drive from Dehradun city, it is located. You will see human activity and magnificent greenery here. Its main attractions are lush forests, artificial water pools, and scenic surroundings, all overseen by the national forest service. It is also home to one of the area’s most popular forest lodges, which serves as an administrative and tourist center.

Timings: Every day from 8 am to 5 pm

Ticket charges: 10 rupees for adults and 5 rupees for children.

8. Malsi Deer Park (Tourist attractions in Dehradun)

Malsi deer park

Malsi Deer Park is one of Dehradun’s main tourist attractions. This park he founded in 1976 covered about 25 hectares of land. The park is located at the foot of the Shivalik Mountains and is surrounded by the Marsi Conservation Forest, which provides a natural habitat for animals.

Malsi Deer park is one of the best places in Dehradun to visit. Malsi Deer Park is 10 km away from the city. Also, It is in the foothills of the Shivalik range. It is a Zoological Park. You will see Horned Deer, Nilgai, tigers, peacocks, and other animals in this park. Here you will also see varieties of flora and fauna.

Timings: 10 am to 5 pm
Ticket Charges: Rs 10

9. Fun Valley (Tourist places in Dehradun)

fun vellay: Tourist places in dehradun

Visit this amazing place with your family & friends and enjoy thrill rides. Other facilities are party halls, luxurious cottages, multi-cuisine restaurants, and conference rooms. Are available here you will also see a grand water park. Enter the land of fun and excitement at Dehradun’s Fun Valley, North India’s most considerable amusement and water park. Activity Package Includes: Lazy River, Wave Pool, Kids Pool, Multiple Water Slides, Dome Skis, Water Disco are water park rides.

Timings: 9 am to 7 pm
Ticket Charges: Rs 600 – Rs 700

10. Har Ki Doon (Sightseeing spots in Dehradun)

har ki doon

It is situated at an altitude of 3566 meters above sea level. The second name for this place is “Valley Of Gods”..”his place is also famous for trekking. This place is considered a favorite place for Nature Lovers, Photographers, and Trekkers. Har Ki Dun is located in the valley of the majestic Swargarohini Peak. Mahabharata Yudhishthir is believed to have been sent to heaven with his dog from this mountain. The ancestry of the people of this region has a great influence on the characters in the Mahabharata. It is located west of his Garhwal in the Uttarkashi district, is popular with both hikers and rock climbers. Admire the mesmerizing views of the Swargalohini Mountains and take a short walk to the Hal Ki Dun Valley.

Timings: Anytime
Ticket Charges: Free
You have to pay for Trek.

More Tourist Places To Visit In Dehradun

  • Rajaji National Park
  • Chetwood Hall
  • Forest Research Institute
  • Zonal Museum

Famous Shopping Place In Dehradun

Paltan Market is the most famous shopping place in Dehradun. You can buy many unique kinds of stuff from this place, like artifacts, clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry, etc. You can also purchase spices from this place.

Famous Foods to eat in Dehradun

  1. Kandel Ka Saag
  2. Nimbu
  3. Kafli
  4. Dumpling
  5. Gahat Ki Dal
  6. Aloo Gutka
  7. Area
  8. Jhangora Kheer
  9. Traditional Sweets

How To Reach Dehradun

By Flight
The nearest airport to this city is Jolly Grant Airport, known as Dehradun Airport. You have to travel 22 kilometers to reach Dehradun City. After that, you must take a taxi or cab from the Airport.

By Train
Dehradun Station is well connected to the major cities. However, it would be best if you took a taxi, cab, or auto-rickshaw to reach your destination.

By Road
Dehradun is well-connected to major cities via National Highways. You can take government & private buses, cabs, taxis, or your private transportation to Dehradun.

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