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Places in warangal to visit


Warangal is the 5th largest city in the Telangana state. Warangal is an emerging tourist place & a major city in the state of Telangana which is known for its attractive destinations and historical places . In ancient times, Warangal was known as Orugallu and was the capital of the Kakatiya Dynasty. Major tourists places of Warangal are Warangal fort, Bhadrakali temple, Thousand Pillars temple etc.

Famous places in warangal to visit


This historical fort highlights the grandeur of the Kakatiya Dynasty. Warangal fort is located in the city of Warangal in the state of Telangana. Warangal fort was constructed in the 12th century. This fort is included in the major attractions of Warangal. It’s also one of famous places in warangal .


This temple of Goddess Kali is one of the major temples of South India. This temple displays the inscription of the kings of the Chalukya dynasty up to 625 AD. Devi Bhadrakali temple is one of the major tourist places in Warangal.


This temple is dedicated to lord Vishnu, lord Shiva and Sun God, this temple is the center of faith of the devotees. It is one of the major religious places of Warangal and in located at a place called Hanamakoda. The name of the temple suggests that there are more than 1000 pillars in the temple. It’s one of famous places in warangal to visit .


It is a huge park which spread over an area of 15 acres. The city of Warangal has a kind of attractive musical garden which is situated near the famous Bhadrakali temple. Colourful lights, melodious music, attractive balloons are worth seeing in Kakatiya Musical Garden.


Let us tell you that this beautiful temple presents examples of some attractive architecture of the early 12th century. There is a pillar located here that attracts tourists visiting the temple. The Annakonda pillar standing at the entrance of the temple is a quadrangular pillar which is the main centre of attraction of the temple.


Let us tell you that now this zoo has been converted into a National Zoological Park. This zoo was built in the year 1985. The Mini Zoo in Warangal is spread over an area of about 50 acres. Beautiful birds, reptiles and animals can be seen in the zoo.


Govindarajula Gutta is an attractive hill surrounded by dense forests. The view of the city from Govindarajula Gutta hill looks very mesmerising. These hills are no less than a paradise for nature lovers and trekking enthusiasts.


This lake was built during 1213 AD by King Ganapati Dev of this Kakatiya Dynasty. This lake is spread over an area of about 30 square kilometers. This lake is located at a distance of about 55 kilometers from Warangal city. Pakhal lake is highly popular among tourists because the lush green forests, beautiful hills, wildlife sanctuaries near the lake, as well as the sound of birds chirping and picnic spots attract tourists.


This is a beautiful lake located at a distance of about 80 kilometers from Warangal tourist destination. This lake was built by the Kakatiya Dynasty and is spread over more than 10,000 acres. Tourists will get to see natural green dense forests and beautiful hills here.


A glimpse of the style of the Kakatiya Dynasty can be seen clearly in the Ramappa temple. 9 feet high huge Shivlinga of Lord Shiva is installed in Ramalingeshwara temple. Ramappa temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is one of the major pilgrimage sites of Warangal, which attracts tourists for its attractive structure. Recently ,Ramappa temple has been listed as UNESCO World Heritage site . It’s one of best near places in warangal to visit. Ramappa temple is around 41 miles away from the warangal city .

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