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Myanmar what nobody counts

Myanmar what nobody counts

Introduction of Myanmar what nobody counts

The capital of Myanmar or Myanmar ki rajdhani is naypyidaw . Recently Here military took the power which is also famous as Myanmar coup .
Myanmar is what nobody counts. what is currently being said in 2018 I was fortunate to visit my animal and some of its points most important tourist attractions and is that even though if he had some political and social problems, these were concentrated in certain areas and easy mind they could move you through their main destinations and have no problem it was even considered a fairly safe destination for travelers and even to travel alone so just today on Sunday traveler I want to tell you all my experience living in my love because I know that in the future the country is going to recover and it is one of the places to consider when traveling through Southeast Asia and.

It has international airports

If we start by locating it on the map, it is a country that has borders with Thailand, China, Laos, and Bangladesh. In this way, it is located in a quite strategic region if it has international airports, however, arriving from a distant country would be quite complicated, so I would tell you that the first key to getting there is to look for a connection from a Southeast Asian country and my great recommendation would be van Gogh or Kuala Lumpur these two alternatives end up being very good for c connect your trip and in fact in this way I did it when I visited my animal the four main tourist destinations would be very famous wander surely they have seen these images at some point in their life but other places are worth seeing in the country and.

The route that I propose would be starting in Mandalay, following Vargas, then inle lake and finally rangún, also known as Yangon, these would be the four destinations that I would recommend including in your trip in mine for times I had to take out the Inle lake so Which one I am going to talk about especially about the first three and well, I already told you that my flight was from Van Gogh and the city that I went to was Mandalay in the north and where we are going to find one of the main international airports is not an airport Very large but it has all the necessary services such as ATMs so as soon as I arrived.

I got the local money I could also co Buy a sim card for as long as it would be and for which you pay less than 10 US dollars and once you had the cash you can easily take one of the shared transfers that they have just outside the airports and that not only They leave you in the center of the city if not they leave you exactly at your accommodation, which is a super comfortable way to get to the city Mandalay is the largest entrance to visit dagán and I was telling you the most famous place in the whole country in terms, however, do not make the mistake of going directly to this city but I would recommend that you dedicate a few days to send at least two full lines and it is that the city is divided into two large tours on the one hand.


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Where you can see museums palaces

There is one that takes place within the same city and where you can see museums, palaces, and quite important places while the second day you can dedicate it to tour the four or ancient cities that are just around Mandalay and where you will find places as spectacular as the one you are seeing in the photograph and they constantly ask me what that time is and well, you already know it, you find it on this tour also being quite spectacular photogenic, it has the characteristic of including sites that are free for visitors, in this way that you practically do not have to pay anything during this visit and the only thing.

That will have to be paid is a guide or some kind of transport that takes you to To do the tour in my case I decided to do it on a motorcycle with a guide who recommended me in the same accommodation where I was staying and who charged me 25 dollars for the whole day to take me to all these destinations so you can see that it is something cheap and one Once you met Mandalay, now it is time to go to Bagan, the star of the country, the route between one city and another is already terrestrial and s It is done in about five hours for the transport that I went by trans for shared pay seven US dollars to which you have to add 23 dollars for entering the city and.

This is a payment that you have to make just when you enter Bagan since considering itself a historic city you have to pay that fee when you are a foreign tourist and this gives you the right to visit it for five days and this difference from other archaeological sites that are very well defined as we could perhaps speak in Mexico of Chichen Itza where The same are the constructions hotels near the archaeological site but when you want to enter it is perfectly well delimited in Bagan this does not happen you can find a pagoda next to a house a store or a hotel everything is mixed so the payment you have to do to the moment you enter and to stay the five days in this site in Bagan.

They are to drive they do not feel very safe

I would recommend that you dedicate at least he two full days in which they simply dedicate themselves to exploring their different points of interest, the best way to explore it can be simply by getting a map with the most important points by renting an electric bicycle and moving around all the destinations I did, but if not They are to drive they do not feel very safe there is also the alternative of paying someone who is a you will take you to the points they consider most important here you have the advantage that the local guides are the ones who often know the best points To know from vegan the next basic point of visit would be the Inle lake.

However as I told you from the beginning for times I could not visit it and I went directly to Yangon also known as rangún high and gone since basically the most popular ways to wander to move would be by bus or train here as I told you they found some very spectacular places and in fact ho the most expensive tourist attraction that I ended up paying in Myanmar was here which was precisely the entrance to the show of gone which has a cost close to 8 US dollars I know that talking about something less than 200 pesos or less than 10 US dollars would be considered cheap for one of the main tourist attractions of a country, however.

I emphasize them because the sea is cheap and I had already told you that many of the temples and important points I had seen without having to pay practically anything or definitely nothing are in this way that suddenly paying 8 dollars could sound a lot in a country like this but this place is definitely worth it but of course not everything is the attractions there is also the food that I must tell you that I love myself it is super easy to get to eat in any restaurant local for less than two US dollars the beers cost close to the US dollar and the beers are housed Amientos easily go around 15 dollars per person in fairly well-located places whether you go for a cam in a hostel or suddenly a private room.

Myanmar what nobody counts
Myanmar what nobody counts

The planes with the destinations

But since you are sharing with another person and already adding all my expenses for 10 days in my soul I paid 462 dollars that is less than 10 thousand Mexican pesos and be careful here I am includingng, absolutely everythi including the planes with the destinations that I told you, that is, not from a country like Mexico or the United States but already considering that I was spending a long time in Asia and where I was practically living in Thailand so that was my starting point and which I recommend so considering the flight from both van Gogh to Myanmar and Myanmar to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia those were the costs 462 dollars at which.

I am also adding the 50 dollars of visa that is something that they ask to practically any country to be able to visit it so if we remove transportation and I saw Sados we would see that my trip in the country as such had a cost of only 262 dollars with which they give an idea of how cheap this place is and another of the great reasons to start thinking about a destination when the conditions will again be viable I hope it has been very useful, remember that life completes the breakdown of these prices that I told you, you can find it on my website that is the world with a dotcom.

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