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More countries ban travel from Mexico

More countries ban travel from Mexico

Introduction of More countries ban travel from Mexico

More countries ban travel from Mexico. I am going to do a count of how the status is for Mexicans who want to go on a trip and who suddenly are not very clear if they could or not or that they are confused when they see that there are flights available for those who do not know me, my name is lis and in this world costar, I dedicate myself to bring you information and practical news so that you can organize or why not even sometimes postpone s us trips and well.

This information is not focused only on Mexicans

You must consider that this information is not focused only on Mexicans but on people who in many cases want to travel from Mexico since we remember that many of the restrictions do not come precisely by nationality but by place of residence or in many cases where you want to fly said this I will start by telling you that there are more than 100 countries where we find important restrictions for those who want to travel from Mexico this information I took from the Skyscanner application that presents a map where you can see the restrictions in the different places in the world unlike the one in IATA or others.

That can be quite useful here you can choose from which country you just want to fly to since I tell you this is a key difference since not all countries are closed in the same way for everyone but Well, we already see that in the case of Mexico there are more than 7 among the most entre the most recent we find Argentina that has even suspended all flights with Mexico, this from the incident that occurred in March where after a forty Argentine students came to spend a vacation in Cancun on their return it was detected that was infected with which the country had to take stricter measures and among.

This was the indefinite suspension of flights with Mexico, a similar measure was previously taken by Canada, which has also suspended flights with Mexico and this will apply at least until April we do not know if there will be an extension because remember that these dates do not mean that the next day flights will be reopened or reactivated in this case they are simply dates until which these measures will be taken with the possibility and many of extensions in the case of Cuba are not They have completely suspended flights.


AEROMEXICO Eliminates carry-on bag luggage update

We search with airlines such as Aeromexico

But they are quite limited and the Cuban government also made the decision here to reduce the frequency with Mexico among other countries, which is why we do not find available dates all of a sudden if we search with airlines such as Aeromexico, now the case of the United States is particular since, as you know, Mexico shares a land border with this country and it has been here for months Closed and month after month this restriction of only essential trips between these two countries is extended, however, in all this time, even tourist trips have not been suspended when arriving by air so well.

This would be a very important thing to consider and therefore which I told them that it is important to know where you fly from and not necessarily your nationality and is that we take the case of countries for example in the Schengen area or Ireland, Great Britain, from which you cannot yet fly to the United States but when you travel from Mexico and You have not been 14 days previously in the list of countries that the United States does not allow, you could enter the country in this way that If it is possible to travel to the United States for tourist purposes, depending on the state, you may find yourself more or less restrictions in some, even quarantines.

But at least at the national level, if it would be possible as long as you comply with the requirement to present your pcr or antigen test For anyone who wants to travel who is older than 2 years in the American continent, you could not travel to Chile, Uruguay and Suriname. The case of Chile will be closed per month and this applies to all nationalities so we could eliminate it as a possibility of tourist trips on the European continent, many focus on trips to the United Kingdom or other countries that belong to the Schengen zone and here The situation is very complex, although we could also say that it is taking place nationally.

More countries ban travel from Mexico
More countries ban travel from Mexico

Eastern Europe such as Albania or North Macedonia

Where in some We find strong restrictions in places but we could say that there are no tourist trips from Mexico now, as for those that are open, we would find few options but some in Eastern Europe such as Albania or North Macedonia, here many tell me that the difficulty would be In precisely entering these countries but hey there is a fairly easy and direct way that would be to fly directly from Mexico City Istanbul, this route is already active again since December and once you are in Istanbul you could easily move to some of the Eastern European countries that do accept travelers either directly or perhaps with certain requirements or even quarantine.

But there would already be possibilities and I would tell you that Istanbul is also a fairly common route to get to the Middle East from a country like Mexico and well one of the open and most frequent during this season It has been Dubai that well is part of the United Arab Emirates- not everything is open but if the city of Dubai that could be visited and you can already see it, you could follow this route from Mexico city- Istanbul and Dubai now in Europe we also find Another alternative through which.

We could arrive from Turkey as long as we have spent at least 14 days there and Malta is precisely a country that is part of the Schengen zone of the European Union but that decided to take different measures they established a list of countries through which you can enter if you had been there 14 days before your flight a bit similar to what happens in the case of the United States in this way Turkey is currently on this list and therefore if you travel you from Mexico but then you spent 14 days in Turkey and you could enter currently there is no country that they consider on the green list as such, so of the countries that is allowed.

Be possible to travel From Mexico currently

If you have You would have but at least you could enter something that would not happen if you do it directly from Mexico now in the case of Africa I am going to focus on Morocco that they have asked me a lot that if it would be possible to travel From Mexico currently, however, you have to be very careful in the first place because there is a list of countries that have restricted to receive flights and this would greatly complicate the way to get to this country is in this way that for example they are no longer allowing flights from Spain or the Netherlands and.

If suddenly you were thinking of taking these destinations as a route they would not be an alternative so this is important that they also consider that their list is changing they warned within 24 hours that they would change the restriction to Spain that suddenly they could traveling Spaniards to Morocco and this greatly complicated the travel plans of some and that is why I tell you that you also have to consider.

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