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List of Places to visit in ranikhet

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Ranikhet is a beautiful city located in the state of Uttarakhand. Ranikhet and its surrounding areas were ruled by the Kumaon rulers. Queen Padmini, wife of the ruler of Kumaon loved this place soo much. When Queen Padmini was leaving from here and seeing the beauty of the place, the Queen decided to stay back here with the King Places to visit in Ranikhet. On this decision of Rani Padmini, King named this place as Ranikhet. Tourists loved the dense pine forest of Ranikhet. You must visit this place to witness beautiful scenery and calm atmosphere. Thousands of tourists visit this place every year.

Top tourist places to visit in Ranikhet

List of tourist places to visit in Ranikhet

Bhalu Dam (Places to visit in Ranikhet)

The Bhalu Dam is a perennial source of water for the town of Ranikhet. The dam is located in the upper reaches of the town, and it provides water to many nearby villages as well. The Dam is one of famous places to visit in Ranikhet. This is an artificially created lake. Bhalu Dam is located 3 kilometers away from Chaubatia Bagh. Here you can see a small garden where you feel very calm atmosphere . British Government built this artificial lake in 1903. This lake was originally built 200 years ago. St. Bridget Church is also located near the dam. Also, this place was famous for camping. Visit this amazing place with your family & friends and have memorable outing.

Haidakhan Baba Temple (Sights to see in Ranikhet)

Haidakhan Baba Temple is a temple of Baba Haidakhan, situated at a distance of 4 km from the Ranikhet. The temple is dedicated to Baba Hai dakhan, who is believed to be a spiritual guru and a saint.

Majkhali (Must-see spots in Ranikhet)

Majkhali is a beautiful village near Ranikhet . The village is 12 kms away from the ranikhet on Almora road . The place is famous for its natural beauty. Here ,a famous Kali temple is situated,if time persists , don’t forget to visit there.

Chaubatia Garden

Chaubatia Garden is a wonderful place to visit during the summers. It has a lot of flowers and green plants, which you can enjoy while taking photos or just enjoying the scenery. The garden also has some sculptures made by different artists from around India, which makes it more interesting for visitors to is one of beautiful place to visit while you’re traveling to Ranikhet.

Ranikhet Clubs and Golf courses (Must-see spots in Ranikhet)

Ranikhet has a number of golf clubs and courses. The best thing about them is that they are very affordable, so you can play as often as you want. If you’re new to the sport, don’t worry! There are plenty of people teaching at these clubs who will help you learn how it works and teach some good strokes for beginners.

Jhula Devi Temple (Places to visit in Ranikhet)

This is an ancient temple , Just 7 kilometers away from Ranikhet. Jhula Devi temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga. Local people believe that Goddess Durga is protecting the valley. It is also believed that whoever ties the bell in the temple premises is granted whatever he wishes. You must visit this Divine place.

Tarikhet Village (Sights to see in Ranikhet)

Tarikhet is a small solitary village and famous hill Station. It is situated 8 kilometers away from Ranikhet. Here you will see Gandhi Kutiya which tell you more about Mahatma Gandhi. Here Mahatma Gandhi stay during the freedom struggle. This village was the center of all the major activities related to the freedom struggle. The famous temple here is the Temple of Golu Devta. This place is very famous when the Freedom struggle took place here. Must visit this amazing place.

Ram Mandir (Places to visit in Ranikhet)

This temple is situated near Chaubatia Garden. Ram Mandir is located at a distance of 7 kilometers from the city center. The temple houses a Vedic Institution where the scholars learn ancient vedas along with modern mathematics and from this place many students gets various types of education like vedic, maths etc. This temple is dedicated to Lord Rama. This famous temple is located near Jhula Devi temple. Must visit this Devine place and have memorable outing.

How to reach Ranikhet

By Road
The distance from Delhi to Ranikhet is 360 kilometers. Ranikhet is well connected by roads with major cities of Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh. You can take private or government buses to reach Ranikhet.

By Train
Kathgodam is the nearest railway station from Ranikhet. It is situated at a distance of 80 kilometers from main city. This railway station is well connected with major cities. You have to take taxi or cab to reach the main city.

By Flight
Pantnagar Airport is the nearest airport from Ranikhet. It is situated at a distance of 119 kilometers from Ranikhet and well connected with all the major cities.

Places to visit in ranikhet