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List of beautiful places in Manipur

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List of beautiful places in Manipur

About Manipur

Manipur is one of the Northeastern states of India. The capital of this state is Imphal. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru called this state the “Jewel Of India”. A game called ‘Polo’ originated from this place and local people of this place named this game “Sagol Kanji”. Her beautiful jewelry is made which sets a great example of handicrafts. The most famous places in this state are Ukhrul, Churachandpur, Khongjom, Andro, Senapati District, etc.Here is the List of beautiful places in Manipur.

Famous tourist places in Manipur to travel

1. Ukhrul (Mesmerizing Places in Manipur)


Here you can see a beautiful tea garden known as Nilay Tea Estate. You can also visit Khyang Peak, Khangkhui Cave, Kachau Phung Lake and Shirui Kashong Peak. Visit this relaxing place and spend the most time in solitude. The place is one of the Beautiful places in Manipur.Ukurul is best known for its Lilium Mackliniae Sealy. This lily can be found in its natural habitat atop Sirui Kachon, about 18 km east of the city. Popular parks, peaks and waterfalls are in and around the town.

2. Churachandpur (List of beautiful places in Manipur)

churachandpur: List of beautiful places in Manipur

Tribal people developed this city very fast. Here you can visit Tipimukh, Nagaloi Falls, Tuibong Tribal Museum, and Tonglen Cave. Tourists should visit this most amazing place in Manipur.The district is inhabited by several tribes, mainly belonging to the Chin Kuki Mizo Zomi tribe, including Sadhu, Humar, Paite, Baifei and Zou. There are also Gangte, Simte, Mizo, Tedim Chin and some Manipuri Meiteis.

3. Khongjom(Splendid Places in Manipur)


Here you can witness evidence of wars that happened in ancient times. Here you can see a huge monument that is built in memory of brave martyrs. If you want to know more about history you should visit this historical place. This is considered by many Manipuri to be a place of patriotism and courage, the Konjom War Memorial is dedicated to one of the state’s warriors, Paona Brajabasi, and other warriors who fought the British on the battlefield of Konjom in 1891. It is

4. Andro (List of beautiful places in Manipur)

andora: List of beautiful places in Manipur

Andro is a small settlement east of Imphal, famous for its pottery. The village is home to the Androgramshan Museum, which showcases different types of traditional pots such as Pudonghi Mahon, Warom, Gangka, and Yukum. Local people make pottery which attracts tourists. Here you can also visit parks, temples, and museum-related to pottery. This place is famous for its art.

5. Senapati District (Splendid Places in Manipur)

senapati district

The Senapati district is located in the northern part of Manipur. It borders Uhururu District to the east, Tamenlong District to the west, Pek District of Nagaland to the north, and Imphal East and Imphal West to the south. Senapati district has his five major Naga tribes: Mao, Malam, Pumai, Zerian and Tankur.80% of this place is forested and it is a rural area. If you visit this place you will never forget the local people you met here because they make traveling more pleasant for you.

6. Tamenglongtamenlong: List of beautiful places in Manipur

This city is famous for the cultivation of oranges and also you can collect more information about flora and fauna. Here you can visit beautiful hilly areas and amazing waterfalls. The best thing about this place is it has a house for birds and animals which attracts most of the tourists. Tamenglong is one of the Beautiful places in Manipur to travel to.

7. Thoubal (Mesmerizing Places in Manipur)


The name “Tuval” comes from “Atuba”, which means “brave people” and symbolizes the brave people of the district. He is one of the big cities of Manipur. It is idyllic and has many lakes, rivers, rice fields and gardens..It is a famous picnic spot, where you can also enjoy trekking. Here you can visit 2 famous markets named Athokpam Market and Nyingambam Lakshmi Market. The temples and lakes of this city also attract tourists. Visit this charming city and have fun with your family and friends.

8. Chandel District (List of beautiful places in Manipur)


Chandel is located between the border of India and Myanmar. It is situated 64 kilometers away from Imphal. You should visit this unique sight and witness its amazing culture and beauty.It is sparsely populated by about 20 different tribes. They are scattered throughout the district. Prominent tribes in this district include Anaru, Lamkan, Kuki, Moyong, Monsan, Chote, Sadhu, Paite, Marin and Elephant.

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