You are currently viewing Is it possible to travel in April 2021 Countries reopened
Is it possible to travel in April 2021 Countries reopened

Is it possible to travel in April 2021 Countries reopened

Introduction of Is it possible to travel in April 2021 Countries reopened

Is it possible to travel in April 2021 Countries reopened. let’s start with the count and well worldwide, according to the world tourism organization, one out of every three tourist destinations in the world are completely closed and if we talk about countries to which You can travel without the need for quarantine, we are talking about 40, although you already know that this information is very variable. It can even change from one day to the next and have regions.

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That is how I like to organize these articles I am going to start with the American continent where I can tell you that practically the countries that have remained more closed to tourism will remain in April. It is in this way that we would not find tourist trips to Canada Venezuela Chile Uruguay French Guyana and its vinegar I emphasize tourist trips since these countries are not completely closed their airports as happened at some point but they only accept travelers with essential reasons As well as family reunions and similar to these countries.

We could add among those not very open to Argentine tourism that although certain flights had already resumed, the whole situation has become complicated and it is precisely this month that 44 Argentine students who traveled to Cancun returned infected one of the great reasons that made q The government will change the sanitary measures and that it currently restricts flights to Chile, Mexico and Brazil, also already requested PCR tests, that is, the one you have to present before boarding the plane but also one upon your arrival in Argentina with this we see that you travel Tourism would be complicated to this, for example, the case of Panama is also added, although if it continues to receive travelers from a large part of the world.

It has already restricted all flights coming from South America after finding some cases of the Brazilian variant and this is constant several countries have restricted the entry of Brazilians, even though this country does not place many restrictions on travelers, so you could travel to Brazil, but then the complication would be to return in many cases to your nation, which can. having imposed some restrictions on this country one of the countries that do not allow travel from Brazil is fair Mind you the next country on this list that yesterday I made an article with all the details of how the tourism issue is so I’m not going to get too much into these details, however, you should know that the status that.


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We have is maintained Seen since January 26, that is, if I travel from abroad from a country allowed to the United States, I can do it by air and present my antigen or PCR test, for now, quarantines are only restricted to certain states and they can consult it in the CDC which would be the official source but in principle traveling as a tourist to the US is currently possible and it will be in April 2021 Cuba although with strict entry requirements such as PCR and quarantines that the same traveler has to pay it is partially reopened it is in this way that if It is seeking above all with certain countries to create alliances to begin to reactivate tourism on the island and an example is Russia with which.

It has renewed update direct flights again now between the countries of America that if you can visit we will find Guatemala El Salvador Honduras Nicaragua Colombia Ecuador Paraguay Guyana Bolivia Haiti Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Lucia Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Peru among others now it is worth emphasizing in Peru, which in fact in March eliminated the requirement of 40 in mandatory for foreigners as well as PCR tests for domestic flights, which greatly facilitates movement in the country and the conditions to travel in a tourist way again and I say this takes just a few weeks so the conditions between March and April changed a lot in this South American country now all these countries that.

I have mentioned have their PCR requirements in some cases even two or perhaps even quarantine but let’s say they can be visited but the countries that ask the least requirements not only from America but from the world are Mexico co This rich country and the Dominican Republic are currently not requesting quarantines or PCR at the time of entry and with this, they have a great panorama of travel in April America but now we go to the European continent where the conditions are practically the same as last month there are a series of countries that have been reopened for a long time without further requirements to foreigners and here.

Is it possible to travel in April 2021 Countries reopened
Is it possible to travel in April 2021 Countries reopened


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We find Albania, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, countries such as Turkey are also accepting from most places in the world and even for example with countries such as Mexico. it resumed the direct route with Turkish airlines from Mexico city-Istanbul, so if these nations are possibilities for travel, I am telling you, the panorama in the Schengen area begins to get complicated where suddenly they accept certain travelers but practically from European countries and when you are out of this it would be very complicated although we are already beginning to see certain exceptions ions such as the case of Russia, which has already resumed flights with several countries in the world.

And is again issuing visas, practically from its list of countries there are none, only Cuba is on this list but the rest would be in countries like Japan, Singapore, as well as other countries. Europeans, so as you can see, Russia is beginning to reopen but, well, America will still have to wait a bit as far as Africa is concerned, it is also possible to visit several countries this is where we find those.

That have the least restrictions and are more open to tourism and good with Some or other requirements are already possible to travel to countries such as Mali Mauritania Egypt Tunisia Namibia Tanzania Uganda Sudan Togo Ghana Liberia Guinea Bissau Republic of the Congo Somalia Botswana Namibia South Africa Gabon and Kenya in the opposite direction it is precisely in Asia where we find fewer countries reopened there are some like India that give some reopening date.

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