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Important Not all vaccines are good for travel

Important Not all vaccines are good for travel

Introduction of Important Not all vaccines are good for travel

Important Not all vaccines are good for travel. you must verify this information before planning something and here I explain how the outlook is for those who do not know me my name is lis and on this ch y 4 You will find information and news for your travels so let’s start with this one that is so important and that has to do with the fact that not all vaccines that are being applied in the world are accepted and recognized by all countries to travel and it is that for many a great news that the European Commission will seek a reopening for the summer and.

Who are vaccinated In some cases

This will be very focused on those travelers who are vaccinated In some cases, regardless of nationality and well with this, many believed that it would be a possibility to start traveling to Europe again, however, before leaving with this news and getting excited, we must see the information very well, on the one hand, the European Commission does Recommendations, which does not mean that all the member countries of the European Union will abide by them and also if we write about travel in Europe, well, this continent is made up of 50 countries and not all are members, so each one will have its own rules.

But here not only is this important, but within what the European Commission is recommending to reopen to tourism to vaccinated people, it is referring only to some vaccines, that is to say, those that have been approved by the European medicine agency and that are currently johnson and johnson and astrazéneca make up modern prefer at the moment only these four as you may be seeing and n screen are those that are already recognized and those that will be used to travel at least in a first phase that is expected to be in a few weeks countries such as France already affirmed through their secretary of state for European affairs.

That vaccine authorized by The European drug agency will be the only ones recognized for the European health pass, however, as I told you from the beginning, what the European Commission says are only recommendations and that is precisely why there are European countries like Spain that have decided that if they would accept another class of vaccines and well so and also, for example, Hungary that I have been using already also in the sputnik vaccine made in Russia, it will very likely also begin to accept it if it is with one of the ones that are vaccinating and in this way it is expected that each of.


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The member countries of the European Union

The countries make their list but here the very important thing to consider is that not everyone will have it and that they recommend them tions of the European Commission will only be recommendations and we cannot base ourselves on that with that criterion we can already travel or not travel, it is always necessary to review each of the member countries of the European Union or non-members that also, as I said, will accept their vaccines but returning to the case of Spain- we already see that all those who have been vaccinated with sputnik or Cancino at the moment are not considered in this reopening of vaccinated and.

They needed to know it because many believe that having already had one of these doses that are being given very frequently in Mexico they could already start traveling to Spain and for the moment they will not be recognized now this trend is repeated in the rest of the world although most are giving all the vaccines approved by the who well we will find some exceptions well let’s start with this list and again here we are going to be currently approved or can into or sputnik so you must take into account that these silent vaccines are in phases and process and soon.

They will surely add to the official list of the who currently is not good on screen they are seeing which ones have already been approved as well as their dates approval, so if suddenly you are looking to travel to a country that says it accepts travelers who have been vaccinated for a dose that is approved by the who, well, you already know, you should check this list to see if the vaccine they have is already approved. Also within this, they must verify the time they ask you to have received the dose and is that most countries ask that you have completed your vaccination doses.

Important Not all vaccines are good for travel
Important Not all vaccines are good for travel

It before 14 days of the trip no

That may be one or two at least 14 days before your trip but some They ask that it be at least 7 other 5 so it is also important that they take this into account and that they comply with it and here this has caused some confusion because some They believe that they should receive the dose exactly 14 days before the trip and not rather this refers to the limit with which they could travel if you received the vaccine two months ago that would enter if you received it before 14 days of the trip now where you investigated which vaccine is being accepted by the country I want to visit I would tell you to always contact the embassies and about your nationality and.

Where you are going to travel from, say which vaccines are being approved in many cases in case your vaccine is not approved or that have not been vaccinated, they will be given alternatives such as presenting themselves with a PCR or quarantining upon arrival, however, this does not happen in all cases some countries are open to all nationalities if you are vaccinated as in the case of Georgia or as is It hopes in principle that it is the case of Spain- but then if you are not vaccinated it has a list of safe countries through which you can travel with n requirements such as psr or quarantine so do not think that it will be reopened for vaccinated people.

It will also be reopened for the rest of travelers only presenting psr now in addition to consulting with the embassies also normally each destination has an official tourism website and currently, they put A special section of health requirements for entry and there they usually find all these details sometimes it is not so easy to find but all the ones that I have been finding and where we can verify the information I am putting them in my lists for example of countries reopened with vaccine there he always included the links to official websites so that they can verify the information and they already know that they always find.

The vaccine is not a requirement

That on my website which is world cost dot com and that they are linked in the highlighted comment as well as in the description of the article and before finishing some clarifications there are countries like Mexico, Costa Rica or republic Dominican ica that do not have requirements for travelers and therefore the vaccine is not a requirement, with which they can continue traveling to these countries at least currently without psr quarantine requirements and no vaccine and it is also important.

That they know that they are not vaccinated They will now be able to enter any country without PCR, nations such as the United States have not yet removed it as a requirement despite having already a good part of their population vaccinated, it is in this way that if an American travels to Mexico at the time of returning to his country still to May has to present their psr or antigens at the time of their return, that is, the vaccine does not exempt them from this test and many believe that surely in a few weeks this will change.

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