You are currently viewing How much will it cost to travel to Puebla in 2021 Puebla guide
How much will it cost to travel to Puebla in 2021 Puebla guide

How much will it cost to travel to Puebla in 2021 Puebla guide

Introduction of How much will it cost to travel to Puebla in 2021 Puebla guide

How much will it cost to travel to Puebla in 2021 Puebla guide? Just two hours from Mexico City we find Puebla a destination that has a lot to offer us so if you want to know what to do, how to organize your trip, where to stay and of course how much it costs in this article I will explain it to you, it is just over 120 kilometers. They separate Mexico City from Puebla so you can easily travel this journey in two hours by car if you decide to use the bus you must leave the terminal of tapó since although you will find buses from the north terminal the journey may increase More than 30 minutes the cost varies with each company.

Is Puebla worth visiting?

But no one or that is one of the most comfortable you will find this route for 200 pesos if you buy it at the box office or 110 Mexican pesos if you buy it previously online and no matter which way you have decided to take it The first thing I recommend that you do when arriving in Puebla is to go to the center, a place where I am and I am here, we are going to find someone os the main attractions such as the cathedral, the Palafoxiana Library, also in this area we will find the chapel of the rosary that is located in the temple of San Francisco and finally the parián one of the best handicraft markets ideal to come for some shopping and place.

Where I am  Although these are four of the unmissable points in the center we can not miss other attractions such as the zócalo which is being remodeled but you can still appreciate it from its many terraces I chose the one in my old town where The full cost of a meal is around 200 Mexican pesos or 10 US dollars. Also in the center, we find the municipal palace, numerous museums, churches, and picturesque areas such as the artist’s neighborhood, a space where Puebla artists work and exhibit their work in full view of tourists and citizens in another area.

What you cannot miss is the alley of the toads one of the favorite areas to have a drink in the city you just have to walk a little from the center to reach the old neighborhoods an area of the city where we will find a lot of history as well as legends we will also find one of the best areas to eat the typical poblano chalupas today we are going to eat in the Chiquita poblano which is one of the most recognized restaurants for this dish and it is also that I have the advantage that it is located right in front of my hotel and that is in this On occasion I decided to stay away at the city express Centro pueblo hotel and this means that.


Important Not all vaccines are good for travel

How many days do you need in Puebla?

It has a very privileged location just a few minutes walk from the center but also as I say close to important places price of the night in this accommodation is around 830 Mexican pesos for two people and already with breakfast included is to say something like 42 US dollars that I find in the Chiquita de Puebla list for To try the traditional chalupas in my case I asked them mixed to be able to try mole and different sauces that they have here and good in chicken version although well the traditional ones do not have it is pork if I am not mistaken and well this is one of the many options in terms of gastronomy that Puebla offers us but.

If you are looking for something different here I have other alternatives other basic dishes of the state would be the mole poblano a classic but different in each restaurant or house where the monocytes will put their touch, a dish made with corn dough that is stuffed with some stew or meat the populous-style Arab taco the poblano enchiladas that even vary from municipality to municipality ending your visit in the center it is time to come to the historic area is the place where I am and it is here You will find important places with historical value such as the Loreto fort, a place.

That was the scene of the battle of May 5 In 1862, between the Mexican and French armies, therefore, throughout this area, you will find many references to this battle but also other important points in addition to the fact that due to its geographical location it has very good views of the rest of the city, so several viewpoints will be places perfect for coming to spend the afternoon [Music] this place is about 30 minutes walking from the downtown area, however as it is uphill I think it can be a bit tiring so the alternatives would be to take a taxi or über With an approximate cost of 50 pesos or 2.5 US dollars, another alternative would be to take the famous tribes.

How much will it cost to travel to Puebla in 2021 Puebla guide
How much will it cost to travel to Puebla in 2021 Puebla guide

How much is a meal in Puebla Mexico?

Which is an excellent way to get to know this entire area of the city when you have little time and that is because we are going to find several companies that offer this kind of service. the famous double-decker buses where, in addition to taking a guided explanation, he goes through these places in a very more agile and economical, the route that covers the main points of interest in the center, as well as this area of the forts and the modern area of the city, last one hour so it is perfect to optimize your time when you do not have much in this city And here is a tip if you have little time because you only came for a day trip.

But you want to make the most of it, you could take one of these tours and in an hour go around the city and at least get a general impression, this maybe complement it with some steps that you take through the historic center and around noon be free to take one of the tours that take you to Cholula and these have a cost of 350 pesos and that are also a few hours with which you could still return in good time To take your bus or your way back to Mexico City this would be a very tight itinerary but there are those who suddenly only count n with one day maybe they come from abroad and want to make the most of.

It so there they have a good alternative, however, in my case, it is not like that I will leave a lot of Lula for the second day of our visit to be able to take advantage of this city in much more detail. form the expenses of day 1 would be the bus Mexico city to the campus in Puebla for 220 Mexican pesos in a round format journey by uber from the bus station to the hotel located in the center 60 Mexican pesos main attractions of the center 60 Mexican pesos Pluribus 100 Mexican pesos food 200 Mexican pesos gives us a total of 640 Mexican pesos if we want to add the accommodation and we are sharing with another person.

Is Puebla safe to visit?

It would be 415 Mexican pesos and this gives us a total of 1,055 Mexican pesos or just over 50 US dollars we started on day 2 of the trip but this time we do it on the outskirts of town and it is that after having dedicated our first day to the center From the city it is time to start reviewing its attractions and it is an advantage that this destination has is that in a very short time you will find spectacular places such as where I am, which is the former Chautala farm to get here is about an hour away yes, by car, which would be the easiest way to get to this place and that is if there is an alternative to public transport, but there it can be a bit complicated because.

We will have to combine several means of transport and finally walk for some time so maybe well. It is not for everyone and for those who wonder if you can get there by taxi or über if you could but it would be quite expensive in fact from the center of town to get here the approximate cost was 500 pesos or 25 dollars for each of the routes [ Music] the cost to enter is 40 Mexican pesos or 2 US dollars for children. Text will be reduced to 10 pesos and this also applies for older adults It is while the students will have to pay 25 pesos on when to come they must consider that this place used to be open daily but due to the pandemic it is only working from Thursday to Sunday so consider this and always check the available hours because These can become variable.

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