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How much does it cost to study in Spain in 2021 2022

How much does it cost to study in Spain in 2021 2022

Introduction of How much does it cost to study in Spain in 2021 2022

How much does it cost to study in Spain in 2021 is that undoubtedly the experience of exchange in another country changes your perspective a lot, it opens up possibilities many opportunities and that is the reason why today I want to tell you all this and of course I’m going to start with one of the big questions that everyone asks themselves when talking about study abroad and that is precisely how much does it cost to study abroad in my case I already told you in my experience it was in Spain specifically in the city of Barcelona, which is not exactly the cheapest in the country, so these budgets that.

How much does it cost to study in Spain?

I am going to give you could vary, however, where you try to optimize expenses a bit was in the subject of tuition and therefore I did not study in a private university but in a public one, however in Spain ‘these universities are also paid and perhaps they are not as cheap as we would suddenly imagine and above all we will have to pay much more If we come from a country outside the European Union, since about 40 percent extra is paid intuition, so you can see that it is an important difference, I said that I can tell you that the master’s degree that I do has already updated the tuition 2021-2022.

It has a cost of four thousand five hundred euros for those who are outside the European Union, that is, we would talk about something like five thousand three hundred US dollars or one hundred and seven thousand Mexican pesos at the current exchange rate this amount could be reduced so suddenly you if you have dual nationality because I tell you you could apply with the European Union if you belong to any of those countries and this information is going to lower a lot. focused on the area that I studied and the academic degree that was a master’s degree, however.

I know that many are interested in even going to study for a bachelor’s degree or perhaps there is a doctorate other types of postgraduate programs and suddenly how complicated when this idea occurs to you It is knowing where to start so I have very good news for you and that is that the first virtual fair to study in Spain will be held ‘focused on America to know what this means if you are from Argentina, Uruguay, Chile or Paraguay on the 14 and April 15 you will be able to have access to this virtual fair which is free and where you will be able to inform yourself about the universities and the scholarships that I know that interests them a lot as well as the immigration requirements to go to study Spain depending on.


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What is the average cost to study abroad in Spain?

What interests you and in all areas this works as a normal fair only that due to the current conditions it will be carried out virtually and it will have the same stands as if it were physical where the different universities will have the information and you will be able to contact the staff so that through write or article calls they can be explained we will find public and private universities and as I was saying also information on some scholarships and all the immigration requirements and any questions that may arise when you are thinking of studying in a country like Spain, so here you have the information, I already tell you.

It is free, you will only have to register to create your account and be able to enter this fair and precisely in the highlighted comment and the description part of the article I will leave a link for those who belong to these countries can register and request all the information they need to be able to have a much clearer idea of where they could study and the costs focused on what interests them but now is the time to continue adding costs and good for living in Spain I already told you that it will vary a lot in the area you choose but I am basing myself on what the university.

Where I study recommends, which is the autonomous university of Barcelona, which is to count between 700 and 1000 euros for each month that you want to be living there as a student extra community is in this way that I would tell them that I think that a thousand euros in my experience would be what I would recommend the most if I know and have friends who did it with the 700 euros that also and is the minimum recommended by the university but I think that already A thousand onwards, you start to have a much looser lifestyle in fact and to speak of 1500 euros would even allow you to suddenly make breaks Weekends to other places in Spain or even Europe considering the ease and proximity of many incredible places and in fact.

Is studying abroad in Spain expensive?

It was one of the main ways in which I was able to get to know all of Europe because I had this facility that in addition to studying in Barcelona that It has one of the main airports in Spain and even in Europe, it was very easy to connect with any European city and be there in a couple of hours, but hey here, let’s go back to student life and then let’s consider at least a thousand euros per month and well, taking Keep in mind that many times the academic year is not the full year but about nine months there we would take 9,000 euros to add to our account but we still have to add a few more expenses, the first would be the medical insurance.

Here I have a tip Because for example, the first year I went to study Spain, I hired one from my country, Mexico, and the truth is that internal insurance Nationals are not cheap at all, normally they exceed a thousand US dollars so well if it is a good amount, however, many universities offer insurance focused on their students and therefore are cheaper in this way and from the second year I already bought it directly with Who advised the autonomous university of Barcelona in my case and I only paid 250 euros so if someone is already encouraged to stick with it, always investigate if these universities have an agreement because.

How much does it cost to study in Spain in 2021 2022
How much does it cost to study in Spain in 2021 2022

Which is the cheapest country in Europe to study?

It can be better for them to hire it privately from their country now the cost of The visa is close to 61 euros, it will depend on your country as soon as they are charged, for example, in the case of Mexico, it is currently at 1,463 Mexican pesos, while for Argentine students we would talk about 6,000 Argentine pesos, so well we can take as a basis those 60 euros to add to our budget and finally it is also important As in my case, if you are going to study a postgraduate or a master’s degree, you have to present the certificate that you finished the degree, you have a degree and this must be apostilled so that it has international validity and therefore it can be accepted.

In Spain, it is about translations, we have the advantage that at least in the case of Brazil, we do not have to translate absolutely anything and well, this is something that will save us money in notarized translations, but hey, it would only be necessary to review the legalization of documents in our country to leave Spain ‘ in the case of Mexico this year the cost is 800 43 Mexican pesos which would be equivalent to approximately 35 euros for the plane book about eight hundred and thirty euros which is something that I found it currently quoting from Mexico City perhaps for example if Flight from Buenos Aires to a city like Barcelona is going up to a thousand euros but hey, in this case, we will take the one from me xico and it would be 830 euros to which we can begin to add the other expenses. comment it How much does it cost to study in Spain in 2021 2022.

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