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How much do I need to save for my trip Step by step travel budgets

How much do I need for my trip Step by step travel budget?

Introduction of How much do I need for my trip Step by step travel budget?

How much do I need for my trip Step by step travel budget? I am going to explain to you step by step how I organize these budgets with the idea That they can be useful to you and that you can apply them to organize your trips, these tips will be especially useful for those who want to organize their trips 100% alone, that is, without the help of agencies, however, if they are using an agency it may be that It is useful to have much better control of all those extras that come out in the day-to-day of the trip. That said, let’s start and I will tell you that the first step for me is always to open a spreadsheet, I know that many hate kinds of formats but it really will be very useful and.

How much should I budget for the vacation funds?

It is very easy to use because we will not have to apply formulas or anything high and the best thing is that we do not need to have any special program because well for those who do not know there is a free version of google where You can create spreadsheets but again don’t let the name scare you, this is going to be very simple, we are just going to enter this website that is for you looking on the screen and creating a new file here I always put the name of the trip which I am organizing and I begin to elaborate each of the columns that will be my main concepts, I always start by listing the number of days that I will be traveling and.

I think this helps a lot to have some idea of how much you are going to spend for each of the days that you are away from where you live. To this, I am going to add a second column where I am going to put the date that is my tentative start date of the trip and well so I just put the rest of the days I continue with the day but now I will put the day of the week if it is Monday Tuesday Wednesday this is very important to consider because sometimes when we are putting together an itinerary of a trip we are maybe if I am in a Muslim country and I am saying that on Friday I am going to a mosque they will not let me in and things like that we must be aware of the days that days are in the place that.

We are going to be so that effectively in the activities that we are going to want to organize that day they are available in the next column I put the destination and it is that perhaps if someone is thinking of going to Cancun for a week they do not have It makes a lot of sense, but for example, I organized with this system routes of even six months in which I have traveled more than 10 countries and therefore it is very important to write down day by day in which city I will be my next column is going to be transported and here we are going to start with the issue of costs and the following columns are where we are going to be putting what is the expense that we are going to be considering for each of the transportation concepts.


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How do you calculate a travel budget?

I include from day 1 of my trip the cost of my plane as well as of each of the transports that I will be using to move especially from city to city since in the case perhaps of the taxi that I took within my destination Ino or public transport is usually a not so important expense, but transportation is how to go maybe on a European route the plane I’m going to take from Rome to Venice or the train, whatever you decide, well, they are more important expenses and That is why here I put a special heading to this, the accommodation column follows and again for a trip in the same city that is very simple because the cost will be the same but again this system and the idea is that.

It helps you plan any kind of route and here for that, it would be important that we put it because it is not the same to stay in Paris as in Brussels or Vienna, prices can vary a lot from city to city and if we are doing a tour that combines several destinations there would be we must write down and put this budget, I continue with the concept of the daily budget and here I am going to notice so much the public transport that I am going to be using within it. The cities as well as the meals and any other extra little thing that could have as a day-to-day expense how to calculate it now I am going to explain it to you, but hey.

We are going step by step and here is the time to finish with the concept of activities, why not do them included in the daily expenditure well, it is very simple you, if suddenly you are making a trip through Europe it may be that one day it occurs to you that you want to fly in a balloon through a city and that is an activity that costs 150 euros or more if you put within your daily expenses it can end up as moving the budget too much and not being very clear why you are spending so much so I recommend that all these are that they are already expensive we put them in a separate item in this normally I put the typical tours one day you are in one city but you are going to escape to another and well the tour is about 100 150 euros as I say well I put it here or if I am going to enter a museum.

How much do I need to save for my trip Step by step travel budgets
How much do I need to save for my trip Step by step travel budgets

How much should I budget for a week-long trip?

That is expensive too n here I enter this cost and this helps me to have a clearer balance of how much I am going to be spending on the trip and even to suddenly assess if it is worth spending on all these activities because this is the moment where the son with whom if I stay and maybe I can leave for a next trip, finally, there is only the concept of total and good in case they want it too, maybe they can have it in their currency they can also put some formula to convert them but hey here we would already have the total of the day by day of the trip and at the end, we will also have the total of all expenses in addition to that we will have an item by item in which we are spending and as I say this can help us to organize ourselves better and here an optional step you can put to customize your table so that.

It is more aesthetic now next point is how I fill just this table I already told you that the first columns are very obvious because well, the day is only numbers r the date and the corresponding day of the week as well as the destination, this is good, and more or less they will have an idea of how many days they want to go to each of the cities if they still do not have an itinerary, it is a very good time to That they plan it in advance and on this they empty it because with this we are going to get the budget. calendar from the beginning that I already know that my trip is for the summer I can start to review the prices of the plane tickets of the destinations that.

I want to go to, buses, trains or whatever interests me to get a notion of how much each costs one of these journeys this has also helped me a lot to suddenly remove some cities because I do a public meeting of I want to spend five days in a city in Vietnam and then go to Myanmar and then to Thailand but if suddenly I see that it is very expensive to go to a destination that is where, well, suddenly I left it out but let’s go back to the case of Europe and for example if I am planning a euro trip, you know I have a route that I have given you As an example on several occasions and this one will start in London well the first thing I would do is quote the flight in this case I already know that my first city is London. comment it How much do I need to save for my trip Step by step travel budgets.

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