You are currently viewing Hotel Princess in Acapulco from Mundo Imperial
Hotel Princess in Acapulco from Mundo Imperial

Hotel Princess in Acapulco from Mundo Imperial

Introduction of Hotel Princess in Acapulco from Mundo Imperial

Hotel Princess in Acapulco from Mundo Imperial. when you are staying in the top hotel Mundo imperial has three hotels located in the area from Ribera diamante in Acapulco it is a destination located less than 400 km from Mexico city so by car you will do less than 5 hours while by plane it is only 45 minutes Acapulco is one of the most important and traditional destinations of beach in all of Mexico but let’s start this count in the princess hotel in which I am staying on this occasion and that could be considered the one with the most history of the imperial world as well as being the largest if we consider that.

Is the Acapulco Princess hotel still open?

It has more than a thousand rooms distributed in three towers [Music] It is about 480 hectares full of gardens with 5 different shelters and all this on the shores of the beach of the duck [Music] in terms of communication this hotel is located less than 10 km from the international airport so which the journey by car will be about 15 minutes in the surroundings we will find supermarkets stores restaurants however if what bu scan is a vacation in which you can find everything in your hotel this is one of that kind of accommodation and with these facilities we are going to find restaurants boutiques shops cafes so we could practically make all our vacations in this same place and.

I just find myself outside one of the most emblematic buildings of this hotel which are its pyramid and this Aztec style of architecture has been one of the details that have made this hotel one of the most emblematic of Acapulco and just as this hotel has more than 50 years of history is currently in a remodeling process to continue innovating and offering what guests expect and thus becoming an emblem of Acapulco for its tradition but also complementing it with all the modern services that may be needed. but I know that what they are most interested in is seeing the rooms so let’s go to see mine, the first thing we are going to have when entering is going to be this small hall where we have some courtesy waters also here.

We have coffee makers and good fabrics and the cooler then this would be the first part but just before I jumped over this little door that The families are going to gild and good is that a lot of space to have everything organized even I am one of the people who do not usually unpack but hey this time this area is used because it is very well adapted besides that here I have space for my suitcase well already They saw hats above and on this good side we have safe and different shelves that help us keep everything in order I continue through the bathroom and well you can see that this is a double room in which.


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We are going to find two sinks and all the amenities and I have had the opportunity to enter rooms from other hotels in the imperial world, well these are standardized so you will find the same in your room remove talcum bath cap shoe polish vanity kit you know cream conditioner the basics here you will find it on this site we are going to have the bathroom and also, in this case, it is a shower what we are going to have and this It is already the room as you can see this is the double one that is to say we have two double beds, in this case, I came alone but anyway I had a double and of course the best of these rooms are always their balconies with the view and.

I know that The next big question is what is the cost of this and you already know that it can be very variable depending on how many people come and where and with how much time in advance they buy their trip and well so that they have a much more realistic budget according to their needs. Well, this can be quoted directly with trips to the English court that was with which I did this adventure, the price per person in the princess for from two thousand Mexican pesos or ci in US dollars and we begin our tour at the pier Mundo imperial, the smallest of the three hotels and also the quietest, with its 300 rooms that are fairly distributed throughout.

The property and in a much more horizontal way than the other hotels. that are consolidated in towers well this makes the guest have a much more private experience than we would find in the others here there is some distribution part that is in bungalows and where the most exclusive ones will even have their pool so There you can see for those who are looking for something private and also currently where no one else enters your area well there they would have a good alternative also, on the other hand, we are going to find more traditional rooms distributed in the hotel and well.

Hotel Princess in Acapulco from Mundo Imperial
Hotel Princess in Acapulco from Mundo Imperial

When was Acapulco Princess built?

They are seeing the interiors on the screen of one of these that has the privilege of being in the front line to see my advice It would be that if you are looking for a very quiet experience, choose this accommodation where you will find fewer people and less movement than the other two hotels in the palace and company but if you are staying in one of the others and suddenly you want to escape from that and look for something of tranquility in the middle of these gardens, well you know that you can take the bus and in a few minutes be in this place and take advantage of all your day and I am already on the scale, so it would be the outdoor beach club of the imperial group It is super focused on the guests of the palace hotel if.

We consider that if you do not have direct access to the beach, however, you are staying at the princess or the pier it is also possible to come it is important that you book in advance because especially on weekends you will find a lot more people and it may be that by the times we live there will not be every day so it is best to contact reception to find out if they can come to and This place and that they tell you which is the transport that would suit you best and if you are staying in the Palace hotel, well, there you will find a constant cut between the hotel and this place approximately every 30 minutes there is a small truck that connects these two areas so that if you are in this hotel but you don’t want to miss the beach well have this alternative here.

We will find everything you may need there are three swimming pools dressing rooms loan of towels and good food and snacks to give you an idea There are entrances that go from 95 Mexican pesos or less than 5 US dollars and if you are looking for a more shaped dish such as a salad it would be about 200 Mexican pesos or 10 US dollars so as you can see the prices are accessible and of course the view It is spectacular because from this area we already have the beach but if you are not a guest and you do not want to miss out on this experience it will still be possible to enter to The general public has a cost of 500 Mexican pesos of which 400 pesos will be used for credit in food and drinks but I feel it is still not enough good you should know that.

Does anyone go to Acapulco anymore?

If you are in one of these hotels you will also be able to have access to the famous Acapulco zip line which is one of the five most important in the world and the longest that crosses the sea is 1800 meters the route that takes you to this one and imagines being able to do it for free when you are in this hotel obviously there are minimum conditions of stay and it will be your turn pay the transport but hey and the zip line as such will have one for each room only seven minutes from the beach club and we are already in the imperial world palace another of the hotels that belong to the group and I already tell you where.

We can move from one side to another and it is here despite not having a beach, do not be fooled there are quite a few attractions and many ask me to mention the activities It is family-friendly and well here you will find one of the favorites of the little ones which is a wave pool and if they have an artificial beach and very good restaurants and free accommodation, all the imperial world palace restaurants have a special section for vegans and vegetarians.

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