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Health passport arrives in New York

Health passport arrives in New York

Introduction of Health passport arrives in New York

Health passport arrives in New York. who are not familiar with the terms and it is an application that you download on your smartphone and where you can go uploading all your records of tests that you have taken with their respective results as well as vaccines and even if you have already passed Depending on the type of application, you will keep some records or others or all these that I am telling you, some even add the laboratories that are verified that you can use as in places to go to do these tests in certain places in the world so well they can to vary a bit but this of an application.

this turns it into a QR code

Where you keep all your records and in the end this turns it into a QR code that is the one that you are going to present either immigration for the airlines or simply to enter an establishment and precisely the health passport that is going to be used in new york ‘is of the latter type much more focused on the population being able to enter certain establishments without further requirements, in this way it is the way to seek to reactivate social events activities that take place in stadiums and places for the style even for weddings is seeing as an alternative and actually for any social event where miserable people are already hired and.

It is much bigger since March 27 the application is already available in the stores of uncles and in android it is free and currently, it is something optional with which even if you are a resident of new york you will not You would be forced to have it on your phone. It is only one of the proposals that have arisen because you already know what happens. Health contributions are currently emerging in various parts of the world. I already brought you a count of the main ones and those that are especially focused on travel again or specifically to fly as it would be the one you already have or the one that American airlines use.

They already see that it is a little different because at the moment it is focused much more on being able to reactivate certain social activities but it is hoped that it could also eventually serve to Reactivate travel now is not the only proposal that has been developed in the US and there has even been talking Much of the fact that President Badén is focused on developing a passport that can be used at the national level and that trips are reactivated, a proposal very similar to the one that is being worked on in the European Union where we have even already known some advances in the information that goes to contain and where it is expected to be already in a couple of months announced because.


Is it possible to travel in April 2021 Countries reopened

this country Only with a tourist visa

It is very focused on being ready for the summer but already returning to the specific case of New York ‘and the United States they constantly ask me if it is still possible to travel to this country Only with a tourist visa and if indeed you can as long as you meet the rest of the requirements that have not changed much in recent months and that is that as of January 26, everyone who entered the United States by air must present proof of antigens or PCR and I am referring to citizens and non-citizens over 2 years old so well that requirement has been maintained and is not expected to change soon, eventually.

If the vaccine could be replaced, but not for the moment, land borders remain restricted to essential trips, so that tourism could not be carried out and that is why I was referring to the flights that would be the way to enter and where these tests are currently presented of antigens or PCR also follows a list of countries restricted to travel to the United States where against and the countries that are part of the Schengen area also Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Brazil, so well these countries among others still could not be traveling to the United States on direct flights But if in the last 14 days you have not been in any of the ones that I have mentioned, good in that case if you can make tourist air travel, therefore you could easily travel from Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and many countries on this continent.

Now the problem and the great confusion comes about what state you are going to travel to since what I have told you are the regulations It is national but then there are states that have become stricter than others and that even establish quarantine. This is precisely the case of New York where currently to enter this state you need to present your psr that is, they do not accept antigens but psr later you have to be three days in quarantine and on the fourth day repeat it psr if your result is negative now if you want free to be able to be wherever you like it is in this state but it is only an example I already tell you depending on.

Health passport arrives in New York
Health passport arrives in New York

more or less strict regulations because

Where you go to more or less strict regulations because, For example, there are states and very touristy destinations such as Florida and Nevada where Las Vegas are located. they constantly ask how to know in addition to their airlines it is very important that they check the CDC which is where t is All the information by states to verify which are the state requirements of the place they are going to visit, how they see it, tourist trips continue to be an alternative as long as the requirements are met, you already know that links of interest, important information.

I always leave them in the article description box as well as in the highlighted comment and of course, much more information and doubts you know that you can find me through my social networks that find me as munduko on Facebook Instagram interest and more recently on tick-tock and of course It left them the tick of the day, many airlines have begun to eliminate the suitcase that you could carry in your hand luggage and now you can only fly with a personal item.

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