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Flights to Mexico City | Is Mexico City Safe

Flights to Mexico City. I am dedicated to traveling through Mexico and the world to bring you practical information for your travels, however this time I did not go very far since Mexico City is my city so it was necessary to make a recount of what things you should avoid when visiting it and well I think that the local perspective always helps so here we go with the basics and without a doubt I would start by telling you that the most common mistake that I have to see among national and international travelers is precise that they do not.

What are some problems that Mexico City is facing?

They dedicate enough time to the city and it is one of the largest in the world, it has many attractions, and the distances between them are important, so dedicating a single day to Mexico City is not going to be enough you can easily pass a week in this city and you will continue discovering spectacular places and I was already talking about museums but we are also going to find archaeological sites places that you cannot miss such as the basilica of Guadalupe Xochimilco and of course the center of the city where I am Recording this article for those who want to delve into what.

They could do in which routes they can follow and on my website which is dotcom worlds I have a proposed plan for days so that they can discover the city and facilitate their visit but without a doubt Consider it a good time and do not just take it as a stopover to other places and precisely because the distances are great. While you are in the city, it is important to plan your times and your arrival and departure very well, for example, many do not know that it has the international airport of Mexico City, which is one of those that asks passengers more time to present themselves.

Before your flight for international flights we speak of three hours and for nationals of two, it is a time that far exceeds the averages of other cities in the world and well this happens not only because of the number of people who arrive but also because of the logistics to this It must be added that sometimes arrivals can be complicated by traffic, so definitely organize our arrival in the city very well as well as departures, the same will happen with the different bus stations that we are going to find in the city. They are in strategic points and some are quite far from each other, so it is not the same to arrive at the northern terminal as the southern terminal. tively.

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Is it safe to visit Mexico City right now?

It will be an important difference and this is relevant that you consider it when organizing exactly how you are going to move on your arrival or departure from the city and we are going to talk about errors another very important one would be not planning our visit and that is if We already consider that it is a large city that the attractions are separated, we must visit it by areas starting from the places that interest us the most and that is because, for example, I always say that you have to start with the part of the center exactly where I am And perhaps combine it both with the tickets to the basic museums and perhaps connect.

It to Reforma and Chapultepec, which are quite close areas, another day you can dedicate it for example to the attractions of the south, among which Xochimilco and the area of coyoacán stand out and another because not north of the city that many times are even combined with a visit to Totti Guacara and some very popular tours start in Tlatelolco take you to the basilica of Guadalupe and they also combine with the pyramids and in this way, the visit ends up being much more logical and organized because suddenly going from one place to another in Mexico City.

It will take you so long that you could lose a lot only in it and since we are talking about that there are so many museums a mistake would be not to visit at least one of these and the truth is that there is no excuse in Mexico City since the truth is that besides there are some free there are others that they are cheap and that they have real gems, especially if we compare the prices with the museums of other great capitals of the world, here they are very cheap and as an example, I have the museum of anthropology and history outside of which I am and where the cost of the Entrance is only 80 Mexican pesos or 4 US dollars to this.

Errors when traveling to Mexico City VIAJES CDMX
Errors when traveling to Mexico City VIAJES CDMX

Why should you not go to Mexico?

Let’s add that we are going to find discounts for older students so definitely Another mistake would be not to bring your identification when you are visiting Mexico City since you can find important discounts or even free tickets and this is a tip that I give them for all the places in the world never forget your IDs that show if they are adult nationals Seniors under a certain age student in some cases the discounts will only apply for national but in other cases, they do not make an exception so definitely you bring and always ask before buying if they apply to any of the discounts I still make the mistake of not valuing Well.

Where are you going to stay and if we consider all the previous points, definitely choose in which strategic place you are going to be located and from there organizing your trip will be basic and for a first visit I would undoubtedly recommend the area of the historic center where you are going to have some steps some of the main attractions but also Just because you are located in the center you will have good communication to move to the different areas of the city, in fact, in this getaway I decided to come to the city center which is precisely where I am recording the article and it is a hotel very well located to a few Steps already see.

It is from the Latin American tower but also the zócalo and some of the most beautiful places in this city and by the way, if you say you saw this article and mention the code that is appearing on the screen they will give you a discount on 17 for Extra percent on the already discounted ones that they are driving this season but the important thing is that you make the reservation directly with them so that they can respect the promotion so here I leave the information for those who are interested and I continue with the transport. Know how we are going to move to Mexico City because we are going to have many alternatives and good tools such as google maps.

Do cartels own resorts in Mexico?

They can provide a lot of guidance when we are in the city to know which are the best routes and well this will tell us from public transport where we would find a wide subway network that is quite functional but has the disadvantage that it is highly used so in hours pico is going to be a bit complicated even entering some stations also this transport is complemented by the bus network with Metrobus and we will also find taxis and even taxi services by application type uber or diddy in Mexico city so we will have Many options however what I would tell you to be careful is that it is not a precisely walkable city you will find us areas like this.

I am very close to one of the most important pedestrian streets that is wood but not all the streets and areas of Mexico City are for walking the distances are so great that at some point they will have to make use of some another kind of transport so it is important to be familiar with which would be the best depending on your budget and of course your tastes and without a doubt very important in a city like this is not to miss everything that you are going to find for free and it is one of The great advantages of this city that.

If your budget does not matter because you will find many alternatives and well here I am in the forest of Chapultepec one of the favorite options of free activities in the city but hey we could also add museums like the Mayans that the basilica of Guadalupe the zócalo and many more activities that are free in the city are free in the description of the article I am going to leave you a link to free activities that you can find I continue with the money that they ask me a lot and definitively in Mexico city.

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