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Famous tourist places in aizawl, Mizoram

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Famous Places In Aizawl

About Aizawal

Aizawal is a beautiful place that is the capital of Mizoram. Land Of Highlanders is the second name for Aizawal. This place is known for its beautiful plains. Beautiful hills and valleys surrounded this place and it is 1132 meters above sea level. Other than Talong River you can also see Solomon Temple, Mizoram State Museum, Rungdil Lake, etc. Here are the Famous places in Aizawl, Mizoram.

1. Rieck Village (Places of interest in Aizawl)

rieck village: Famous places in aizawl

Here you can see natural forests, and spectacular rocks which are equipped with caves and this place is liked by most tourists. Sometimes it feels like you are on another planet. In the west part of Aizawal, you can visit this small village. It’s also one of the famous places in Aizawl.

2. Rungdil Lake (Famous places in aizawl)

rundil lake: Famous places in aizawl

In the Aizawl area, 14 kilometers separate Suangpuilawn village from the spectacular twin lake known as Rungdil Lake. It has a total area of 2.5 hectares and is surrounded by the beauty of nature. This lake once served as the residence for a great many partridges.A magnificent lake is situated 14 kilometers away from Sungpuilon Village, Aizawal. This lake is spread over a vast area and it is also a favorite place for nature lovers.

3. Mizoram State Museum (Points of interest in Aizawl)

mizoram museum

Aizawl’s modest Mizoram State Museum is home to a dingy collection of tribal weapons and wildlife artifacts. Come here to get a taste of this charming town’s fascinating culture. It is a tiny museum with engaging, vibrant exhibits that are clearly labeled and displayed. The museum’s rooftop vista is simply breathtaking. The mountains are visible in all their splendor. It is also known as the House of Wisdom because it is where history is preserved. Here you can witness the ethnic background of Mizoram. Here you can also see the rich culture of the state which is located in Aizawal. If you are interested in knowing the history of this place then you should visit this place. This museum was established in 1977. On weekdays this museum is open from 9 am to 5 pm.

4. Solomon Temple (Famous places in aizawl)

solomon temple: Famous places in aizawl

On the western borders of Aizawal, this temple is located. This temple is surrounded by greenery and made of white marble. It is the largest temple in the state, at which at time 2000 people can sit. This big temple is spread over 3000 square meters. Here you can see 4 minarets, each with a crown.The Temple’s precise location is uncertain. It is thought to have been located on the hill where the Dome of the Rock now stands and where the Second Temple from the first century once stood.

5. Bara Bazaar (Points of interest in Aizawl)

bara bazaar

The main shopping center and also a famous market in Aizawal. It is also known as Lifeline Of The City. Here you can buy traditional attire, handicrafts, food items, furniture, and almost everything. This Bazar reflects the culture of the state. India’s largest wholesale market is called Bara Bazar. It is well known for its clothing, accessories, and excellent dining establishments. Even though Bara Bazar has a wide selection of foods, moong dal chillas and Rajasthani snacks are must-tries.

6. Tamdi Lake (Famous places in Aizawl)

tamdil lake: Famous places in aizawl

Tam Dil, which means “Lake of Mustard” in English, is located close to Saitual Village and is around 87.5 miles from Aizawl. This lake is one of the most popular in the state due to the Fisheries Department’s development of it as a significant pisciculture centre and the Tourism Department’s development of it as a vacation destination.It is situated 64 kilometers away from Aizawal and 6 kilometers away from Saitual. It is a reservoir lake, which means mustard plant lake. Lakeside resorts are constructed near the lake. It is one of the amazing places to visit in Aizawal.

7. Lalsavunga Park (Places of interest in Aizawl)

Lalsavunga park

Lalsavunga Park is situated in South Hlimen, which is 8 kilometers away from Aizawal. This park is spread over 120 acres. On 3 October 2018, this park was opened to all. It is at an elevation of 1179 meters and the mountain range is 1 kilometer.

8. Dawrpui Church

dawrpui church

Welsh Christians built this church in 1931. Rev. E.L Mendus and London Welsh Presbyterian Church’s children contributed 400 pounds to build this Church. You should visit this famous Church of Aizawal.

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