CHIGNAHUAPAN Puebla guide to the magical town

CHIGNAHUAPAN Puebla guide to the magical town

Introduction of CHIGNAHUAPAN Puebla guide to the magical town

CHIGNAHUAPAN Puebla guide to the magical town. I have made It is much colder and it was time to leave the dresses and take off the jacket since due to its geography it is a much cooler place than the ones I had been visiting the previous days this place is located two and a half hours from the center of Puebla if you come by bus as it was in my case and the approximate cost of the ticket is 200 pesos or 10 US dollars there is no need to buy it previously online they will not sell.

The route to Mexico City

It to you online you have to go directly to the box office There are only two companies that offer this tour and they are supra and ata and since they do not sell tickets previously online you must arrive in advance at the bus station because they tend to fill up and they are right These same two companies also offer the route to Mexico City, which would be another alternative to visit this magical town, in this case, the route will be for 300 Mexican pesos or 15 US dollars and in case you decide to go there by car.

It will be about 200 kilometers in which you will have to pay 148 Mexican pesos or 7.5 US dollars on the booth. Now an alternative to reach this magical town would be through tours that are carried out from the center of Puebla and that in fact in many Sometimes they combine this town with zacatlán de las apples, which is located less than 30 minutes away with which they can be combined quite well, however, this time we decided not to make an express visit so I’m going to stay even here to spend the night to have a much more complete visit of this magical town.

That is particularly known for its hot springs and its manufacture off You were, however, I want to show you that there are also many more attractions to know so that they do not come only in the Christmas season, which is when this place is much more crowded, but that they know that they can visit them throughout the year [Music] and just to discover This place, as I always say to me, I love to start with the main centers or squares because it ends up being the nerve center where you find a lot of information and of course attractions and in this case.

CHIGNAHUAPAN Puebla guide to the magical town
CHIGNAHUAPAN Puebla guide to the magical town

The basilica of the immaculate conception famous

It is not the exception and it is that in this place we are going to find a color kiosk that is the main symbol of this magical town also within this same area we will find the parish of Santiago Apostle and of course the municipal palace where we can enter to appreciate some murals that tell a little about the history and traditions of this town just a few steps from the main square we will find the basilica of the immaculate conception famous for Having the largest virgin in all of Latin America with about 12 meters high was considered a basilica at the request of Juan Pablo Segundo a few steps from the center.

We will also find another of its main attractions and of course, I am referring to the museum of the axolotl and about Everything is important because of the mission that it has, which is precisely to preserve this species and it is that if you did not know it, the only animal capable of regenerating amputated limbs and injured organs was presented to the axolotl, it is a Mexican amphibian in danger of extinction, so the work of this museum is basic for the dissemination and preservation of the species and only a few minutes from the city center and.

We are at our next stop which are the quetzalapa waterfalls this place is worth it because it has quite a few waterfalls impressive, but to be able to reach them, you have to go down 365 steps that later you have to go back go up so you have to bring at least a little bit of condition and of course this activity is not recommended for everyone the general cost of entry to this place is 50 pesos something like 2.5 US dollars but this experience can still take other activities such as the zip line and the suspension bridge [Music] and the 365 steps left me tired.


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Two basic activities in the town

But anyway I could not finish my day without doing two basic activities in the town, on the one hand, visiting a sphere factory and learning about the process of How is each of these done? These places are open throughout the year and work through tips for which the tour is free and my second visit before the end of the day was to the factory of typical Mexican sweets La Esmeralda, a company that has been making these products by hand for 50 years, you can book your tour through their social networks. as well as typical Esmeralda and.

I am already starting my last day in Puebla and today I do it in the hacienda of amoltepec a place that is located between zacatlán de las apples and chignahuapan so no matter which of the two magical towns they are visiting Undoubtedly it is a place that can be included. This hacienda has a lot of history and some guided tours that take you to know how pulque is prepared in this area but it also has typical breakfasts where you can try some of the main dishes of the town and precisely Here we are going to try the famous palaces of the area and the cheese bread and if you are wondering.

What other dishes in the area you should include when you are visiting, well I have already been writing about those from Puebla but here there are also other very basic ones such as It would be the rabbit and the barbecue the pulque tour has a cost of 150 Mexican pesos or 7.5 US dollars I recommend it is quite interesting considering that Puebla is one of the few states of the republic where you can do this route while for the typical breakfast you have to pay about 100 Mexican pesos or 5 US dollars.

I am already in the famous Chihuahua

It is very important that if you are interested in any of these activities you book in advance And on the screen I leave you the data and I am already in the famous Chignahuapan lagoon also known as Almolonga this is one of the basic places when you visit this site since it is one of its main attractions and offers different activities to visitors who They range from renting a kayak to small boats or simply coming to spend the day in the area where I am, maybe some do not recognize it and I am right on the lagoon but this area is completely new it has just been released this weekend and well It is one of the reasons to come back in case you already know the place and.

It is that it has been Abated for making some modifications and above all offering more attractions to visitors in this way that if they come they will be able to find this clock with the typical signs that we find in the magical towns of Mexico and how I hope this getaway through Puebla ‘de You liked it, you already saw that it is a destination quite close to Mexico City and that it could even be combined in one-day visits, however, you already saw it I decided to do something much more complete and stay here for four days And even so there was a lot that.

So definitely spend a complete vacation in Puebla

I missed it because it is a very large state with many attractions in your city so definitely spend a complete vacation in Puebla I assure you that you will not be disappointed but at least I wanted to bring you a taste of these days that I have touched to experience this place you already know that all the complementary information to my guides can be found available on my website which is worlds dotcom as well as in all my sociathenetworks that find me as worlds [Music] typical Mexican sweets have accompanied us for generations.

But did you know that they are a product of the miscegenation of various cultures and are so popular that it is estimated that more than 400 million are exported abroad every year during the colony many arose since they were prepared by the nuns who lived in the convents in this way the crystallized fruit pip sweets and the ate appeared if you want to know how they are produced today there are some factories open to the public such as of typical Esmeralda in chignahuapan Puebla. comment it CHIGNAHUAPAN Puebla guide to the magical town.

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