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Cancun to Playa Del Carmen

Cancun vs Playa Del Carmen What destination do I recommend it is precisely this peculiarity that this area of Mexico has, usually people do not come only to visit one of the destinations but is moving through several and that is where the best place to base a route through this area arises A of the Yucatan Peninsula the first thing you have to define is what type of trip you want to do since the Yucatan Peninsula officially covers three states, Campeche, Quintana Roo and Yucatán and each one has its attractions, some are quite popular and even go between a state and another only in one-day trips.

Is Playa del Carmen or Cancun better What destination do I recommend
Is Playa del Carmen or Cancun better What destination do I recommend

A much better alternative since Playa del Carmen

Therefore the first time I visit this area of Mexico I decided to go for a land trip in which I was moving between different towns and that would be an alternative the route is already available On my website, which is the dotcom cost world, but what happens when you want to take a city as a base and be moving from there? international travelers not only because.

It has one of the main airports in the country but also because of all that this destination has to offer. So as such that is the reason why many travelers automatically think that if they are going to get to Cancun there. They should look for their accommodation and from there the tours however I must tell you that logistically and depending on the tours.

They wish to take on many occasions beach Del Carmen is going to be a much better alternative since Playa del Carmen is much closer to moving to parts such as stopover that are only 18 km away or going to the island of Cozumel which is 33 is located 64 km away and Bacalar is 279 kilometers away so that without a doubt you will save about 70 kilometers of travel unlike.

Since These Two Points Are Closer Than From Playa Del Carmen

If you stayed in Cancun in terms of the obligatory getaway to Chichen Itza that is normally combined with Valladolid, here you will only save a few kilometers concerning Cancun but if Playa del Carmen is A closer destination, the same situation that occurs with Holbox as for Cancun, would be a much better location.

If your tours are only going to be focused on islands. Mujeres or Isla Contoy since these two points are closer than from Playa del Carmen and you already saw it there is that Playa del Carmen is better connected than Cancun to many of the popular destinations so it can be quite strategic to stay here that is the This is the reason why this time I decided to stay away from this site.

Because wanting to do one-day tours it was much more convenient for me, it ends up erasing about 50 minutes for the outward journey, 50 back, which is a good time. Which is appreciated to have free on a trip but hey, you also have to consider something very important and that is what I mentioned from the beginning the one with the international airport and the best connection nearby is precisely the city of Cancun now in terms of destination as Such Cancun is a much bigger city where you will find a much greater offer of shopping entertainment now.

If We Compare Cancun And Playa del Carmen

If we talk about the beach, curiously enough. Laya del Carmen is not the destination that is characterized by the most beautiful beaches in this area of Mexico if we compare Cancun and Playa del Carmen, most travelers will continue that Cancun has the most beautiful beaches, although yes We take into consideration the factor of access to these beaches.

When we talk about the public ones, which in principle would be all we know that the hotels are left with certain areas where those of Playa del Carmen are easier to access, which from the fifth avenue have several streets that are connecting throughout the entire area while in Cancun there are few entrances in the hotel zone and it ends up being a bit more complicated.

When you are not staying in one of the hotels that have direct access to beaches so here I think you will depend a little on the budget if you are staying in a beachfront hotel it will be very easy to access and you will have some beaches spectacular in Cancun while on the beach even cheaper hotels without direct access to the beach are going to be super well connected there is one more factor.

Is Playa del Carmen or Cancun better What destination do I recommend
Is Playa del Carmen or Cancun better What destination do I recommend

Travel The Waves Are Very Important And That Is How Walkable A City

That maybe they are a little weird but for me as I travel the waves are very important and that is how walkable a city is And it is that we consider that the tourist destination is usually very expensive, taxi-type transport and that sometimes it is not so easy to use public transport and therefore how easy it is to walk through a city seems very important to me besides.

That is really It is something that I enjoy and here I must say that Playa del Carmen definitely wins its streets are very well organized and even the famous Fifth Avenue is a whole pedestrian avenue where you will find shops restaurant bars and the truth is that. It is very easy to move from one place to another. side to side to find a pharmacy a store while in Cancun, although.

If public transport is not so difficult to access the stops are not So close to each other and the truth is that between one hotel and another it can take you a long time to walk where you do not see practically anything and now in terms of accommodation prices, a three-star hotel in Cancun is around 1,300 Mexican pesos While in Playa del Carmen it is 1600 Mexican pesos.

That is, we are talking about a difference of 300 pesos cheaper in Cancun or 15 US dollars. Opposite science occurs in 5-star hotels that are more expensive in Cancun, exceeding 7 thousand Mexican pesos while In Playa del Carmen they are less than 7 thousand pesos or 350 US dollars, that is, depending on the type of accommodation you are looking for, one destination or another will be cheaper and of course I could not fail to mention the famous nightlife of both destinations. READ IT Errors when traveling to Mexico City VIAJES CDMX

What is better than Cancun?

The truth is that both are recognized for having a very good environment, however, this is a factor that we cannot fully assess if we consider We were in a healthy situation where the majority of clubs, restaurants, bars, and the like are not operating in a normal way, so it is difficult to make a decision but it is important that you know that the two destinations offer many alternatives to travelers so, in conclusion, I would say that If your objective of the trip is like mine.

This time to take a point as a base and be doing excursions to different points such as scratch Holbox Bacalar parks and others like it, I think definitely with a more privileged location and your objective is perhaps simply to enjoy the beach and a good all-inclusive in the hotel zone I think Cancun has more to offer and as.

I would tell you one more factor

I was saying, beaches are usually more recognized than the ones we can find here so there would be my balance and I would tell you one more factor, don’t take them out of the game either the rest of cities also move suddenly can be a good alternative not to stay Only with a face of this destination because depending on where you are moving, what you can find in this part of the Yucatan peninsula will change a lot and now before you go.

Do not forget to let me know which is your favorite or which of these two destinations. I would like to visit remember that every Sunday at 11 in the morning he made this type of article on Sunday traveler these that can become controversial but where opinions are the most important and where no one is right or wrong because it is only about tastes and I hope this article has already served me well.

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