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Can I travel with medication

Can I travel with medication

Introduction of Can I travel with medication

Can I travel with medication? we go with a general overview the first answer would be that if they can travel both on national flights and trips abroad with medicines. They must know what type and how to take them so they do not have any problems and I will start by telling you that I know that many want to put together their typical travel kit with non-prescription medications such as aspirin, simple medications for the stomach, colds and things for the style and as long as they do not need a prescription it is not necessary that they travel with one of these and If it is possible to travel with this class of drugs.

Do prescription drugs have to be in original containers?

If you can choose, I would tell you to always go for the solid formats, you already know that there are drugs that this possibility exists and the advantage you would have is that you can go with you in your luggage hand without any problem at this point there is a very frequent question that they ask me as a traveler and that is that I carry in my basic travel kit and I must confess that it has been a long time since I abandoned that practice and at least I go a country where it is very difficult to get medicines of this very simple style for a headache a stomachache in the throat something very simple.

The truth is that I prefer to buy what I need in the country and it is that many are surprised but I could tell them that from Spain, India, Thailand, has had no problem getting medicines this simple in pharmacies, however, for example, there would be sections like in South Korea where It is practically impossible for them to sell you almost the simplest and simplest thing, so in those cases it would be good if you already travel with your medicine cabinet beforehand, especially if you tend to constantly get sick from something until here we go with the simplest medications and common that you can find sometimes they make supermarkets.

But now we continue with these that if they require a prescription and well these you can also transport them again on national and international trips, the very important thing in these cases and especially on international trips is that you accompany them with your recipe of If possible in English or in the local language of the place you are going to since if you go with your recipe from Mexico to the United States, it will probably not be valid and it may be easier to find someone who does master the language but is still how they request it and the same would happen with other countries in the world.


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Do you need a doctor’s letter to travel with medication?

Ideally, it should be in English so that you do not have to Problems if you are detained from what medication the advice of several airports and air safety agencies is that not only did the doctor include the prescription in English but also the condition and how many pills you have to take since you also They may ask why you carry so much, let’s remember that there are medications that require us to take a lot of pills, so the ideal thing would be to be able to justify it through this little explanation made by your doctor recently, a passenger contacted me concerned and told me that he needed to carry about 60 pills.

For the time I was going to be in the US and I did not know if I would have problems spending so much amount and here I explain it is limited in the amount of treatment that you can take to 90 days with which if you take a daily pill it could spend up to 90 but as I say with everything perfectly well explained by your doctor in English and above all it is also important That these original containers carry all the medicines if they can even pass in non-original containers but most countries highly recommend that they go in the original because this is difficult to avoid many problems, especially if you are already carrying medicine in advance for other months And.

It is new it would not make sense to empty it and the best thing is that it goes effectively in its containers or boxes also very important that when you carry a treatment of this type or a drug that requires a prescription, verify that it does not contain any element that is illegal in another country You can verify by checking if it is sold there in pharmacies to see that you are not going to have any problem because this can become a problem especially in countries of the Middle East or Asia where the regulations are a bit stricter with these issues so there It would be very important only to verify, but above all, I am referring to drugs with substances that are m uy specific.

What medication are you allowed to take on a plane?

Now I know that the question of where can I take the medicine what is the correct way to transport it and beyond what I told you about the original containers, it is also recommended that you travel with you in the cabin of the plane and that is that we take Keep in mind that the hold luggage can get lost so if you need the medicine you must travel with you now in the case of liquids if you have treatment for several weeks you will not be able to pass it in your hand luggage however If you are going to be able to spend it for the amount that you may require during the time of your flight and perhaps a couple of hours more in case this is delayed,

I would add that if you suddenly travel with a liquid substance but that you need to be at certain temperatures such as insulin that cannot be sent to the hold of the plane there, it is simply important that you bring your prescription with all your explanation that is valid verified by a doctor to let you enter the manual and in this way if it could exceed the rule of the famous 100 milliliters of liquids when it comes to medications that you will need or that require you to go with you during the flight and remember that if you need insurance traveling with a ducós you can get a 20 % discount on your policy you just have to enter my website munduko dotcom diagonal travel insurance and here request your policy check the types of coverage choose your country of origin.

As well as your country of destination and ready once contracted you will receive your policy electronically in your email remember that in the coverage you can customize some details such as medical expenses, extension by covite, sports, luggage, cancellation and accidents now I already told you that I do not usually prepare the typical medical kit with the pills in case my stomach hurts my head and things that are usually like the most, however, they must take at least pills if they need something very specific such as allergies or suddenly they have a condition that can be activated during the trip.

Can I travel with medication
Can I travel with medication?

Do prescription drugs have to be in original containers when flying internationally?

It is also important to verify the health risks that they may find in the country to which they also go very well prepared and is that for example when you approach a doctor before a trip you can tell him where you are going and they can even recommend certain vaccines that serve as protection that not always They are mandatory but they could also help you and of course the medications that he suggests that you can already take and that he gives you the prescription there are even clinics focused on travelers where they can give you this information depending on the place you go to To go there is a very famous one in Mexico that is the one that manages the unam.

But there is also another, for example, in the nutr hospital ition where you can also make your appointment and they will tell you what medications would be indicated or the health risks that you should consider depending on the place you are going to travel also, of course, informing you on official websites such as the travel guide of Mexico and In different countries, there are also health risks and recommendations to avoid the most common problems in terms of health among travelers and finally.

Since we live in difficult times precisely in the health issue, many travelers approach me to ask if they can take Articles of this style, such as disinfectants, and the answer is that I even prepared a whole article for them where I explained that if it happens and that it does not, and for example disinfectant gels, there is no problem even though they have up to 70% alcohol. pass without any problem the rule is that if the container is less than 100 milliliters it can go with you In your hand luggage, while if it is greater than 100 milliliters.

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