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14 best Places to Visit Vienna in 2022

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About Vienna

Vienna is the capital of Austria. Beginning with the Roman Empire’s establishment of a military camp in the region that is now Vienna’s city center, Vienna has a long and rich history. From its modest beginnings, Vienna expanded from the Roman city of Vindobona to become a significant commerce hub in the 11th century. As the capital of the Babenberg dynasty and then the Austrian Habsburgs, it developed into an important European cultural center. Finally, as the seat of the Austrian Empire and later Austria-Hungary in the 19th century, it briefly surpassed other significant European cities. The Republic of Austria’s capital has been Vienna since the conclusion of World War One. Here is the list of the top 14 best Places To Visit In Vienna In 2022 for your trip. Keep scrolling down and reading along.

Best Time to Visit Vienna

Vienna is most sensitive in the winter, from December through January when it is cold and snowy, and the city is festive with sparkling Christmas lights, Christmas markets, and year-end offers. The most significant seasons in Vienna are the summer months (July and August), when the average temperature is a comfortable 24 degrees Celsius for sightseeing. Go to Vienna in April, May, September, or October if you like to attend concerts and festivals.

The Hofburg (Recommended places to visit in Vienna)

The Hofburg: Best places To Visit In Vienna
The Hofburg was the Habsburg dynasty’s previous main imperial palace. It was created in the 13th century and has since undergone numerous expansions in Vienna’s center. Along with being the imperial summer residence, Schonbrunn Palace also functioned as the imperial winter residence. The president of Austria has made it his official house and office since 1946.

The Belvedere Palace (Best Places To Visit In Vienna)

The Belvedere Palace
The lower and upper belvedere, the orangery, and the palace stables comprise the historical architectural complex known as The Belvedere in Vienna, Austria. The third district’s structures are surrounded by a Baroque park on the southern border of the city’s center. The Belvedere Museum is located there. Baroque artwork, ornate tiered waterfalls and cascades, and imposing wrought iron gates may all be seen on the grounds, which are laid on a moderate incline. The Baroque castle complex was created as Prince Eugene of Savoy’s vacation home.

Kunsthistorisches Museum (Fascinating sites in Vienna)

Kunsthistorisches Museum
Kunsthistorisches Museum in Berlin This historical museum, located in the heart of Vienna, is celebrating its 130th anniversary this year (2021). The Kunsthistorisches Museum is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Vienna. This fortunate collection includes 17,000 Egyptian sculptures, coffined mummies, Greek and Roman antique jewelry, 600,000 coins and medals, and the famous Kunstkammer Wien cabinet.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral (Best places To Visit In Vienna)

St. Stephen's Cathedral: Best places To Visit In Vienna
St. Stephen’s Cathedral, a spectacular example of Gothic and Roman architecture, serves as the mother church for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vienna. The cathedral is also known as one of the unique locations to see in Vienna and is known for its imposing height, mosaic roofs, ornate external designs, towers that rise 446 feet in the air, and the 18 altars inside.

The National Theater (Best places To Visit In Vienna)

Best places To Visit In Vienna
The National Theater in Vienna, often known as the Burg theatre, is one of the well-known landmarks on Ring Boulevard. It was first built in 1740. However, the existing structure is from the nineteenth century. With arches and expertly made facades, the theatre’s exteriors appear magnificent.

Wiener Riesenrad

Wiener Riesenrad: Best places To Visit In Vienna
The Wiener Riesenrad is a giant Ferris wheel in Vienna that offers breathtaking views of the entire city as you ride. The Prater entertainment park’s entrance is where you can find the enormous wheel. It has a height of approximately 64.75 meters.

The Vienna Zoo

The Vienna Zoo: Best places To Visit In Vienna
The Vienna Zoo, the oldest and best in Europe, is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the heart of the city’s Schönbrunn Palace. It is a must for every traveler to explore the fascinating world of animals from all over the world, from the cutest of giant pandas to the fiery Siberian tigers, elephants, and orangutans.
The Vienna Zoo is the world’s oldest, having opened in 1752. If you visit with them, this is the best place to take your children. Have a fantastic time in the animal kingdom. This is Europe’s oldest and best zoo, home to over 700 species.

Hundertwasserhaus (Best places To Visit In Vienna)

Hundertwasserhaus: Best places To Visit In Vienna
The Renowned Austrian architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser created this apartment thanks to its vibrant facade. It has become a must-see attraction in Vienna. The residences here have over 200 trees and shrubs, making them even more wonderful and alive, while the apartment’s exterior color instantly draws attention.
Hundertwasserhaus, the brainchild of famous Viennese architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser, is regarded as one of Vienna’s best places to visit. Hundertwasserhaus, which attracts thousands of visitors worldwide, also allows the occupants to decorate the house around the windows according to their imagination, creativity, and taste. Aside from a colorful facade outside, the apartment building has more than 200 trees and shrubs on the rooftop.
This location can only be visited from the outside, and a village called Hundertwasser Village is open to visitors. This location was created from a tire shop, and the artist also created a ‘Village Square’ in this location, which has many stores and bars in the same style.

The Austrian National Library

The Austrian National Library
The Austrian National Library, is one of Vienna’s top tourist attractions, with a fantastic library hall for bookworms. It was formerly known as the Imperial Court Library.
The library complex also houses four museums where visitors can check out the rarest collection of books, archives, maps, and atlases. Do not miss seeing the two gorgeous Venetian baroque globes in the library hall while there.


This church is thought to have been built due to Emperor Charles VI’s vow to make one of the disastrous Black Plague curtailed. As a result, the church, designed and completed by the famous father-son duo of Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach and his son Joseph, is now one of Vienna’s finest Baroque churches and one of the best places to visit.
Karlskirche combines Renaissance, ancient Greek, and Roman styles with Byzantine and Baroque elements. Lorenzo Mattielli, an Italian sculptor, created the columns. The dome is designed in the style of St. Peter’s Basilica. Inside the church, a lift takes you to the top for the best view of Vienna.

Natural History Museum (Best places To Visit In Vienna)

Natural History Museum
This museum, one of Austria’s major non-university research institutions, houses an incredible collection of cosmic objects, including the “Tissint” meteorite. At the museum, the 29,500-year-old Venus of Willendorf is another popular exhibit.
The Steller’s sea cow and dinosaur skeletons are two other collectibles that excite tourists. In addition, the museum’s Digital Planetarium shows enlightening and captivating space-related videos.
The natural history museum is one of Vienna’s best places to visit. Housing some of the most unique and world-renowned objects, such as dinosaur skeletons, the Venus of Willendorf, approximately 29,500 years old, and the stunning Tissint meteorite from Mars. Aside from that, the museum has 39 exhibit halls, a permanent anthropological exhibition about human origins, the Gold Cabinet, the Venus Cabinet, and a new Digital Planetarium.

The Imperial Crypt (Recommended places to visit in Vienna)

The Imperial Crypt
Although it may sound eerie, the Imperial Crypt is one of Vienna’s most intriguing attractions. The Imperial Crypt, located beneath the famous Capuchin Church, serves as a burial vault for Austria’s Habsburg dynasty members. Since 1633, 149 Habsburgs have been laid to rest in peace in the Imperial Crypt, including 12 emperors and 19 empresses and queens.
The last emperor, Franz Joseph, was buried here. Also, if you’re looking for wonder, you should know that the hearts of the Habsburgs were buried inside the crypt. Burials continue to take place in this crypt today, as the Austrian Empress Zita was buried here in 2011.
The Capuchin Church’s burial chamber is known as the Imperial Crypt, sometimes known as Kaisergruft, Kapuzinergruft, or the Capuchin Crypt. Due to the presence of the bones of roughly 150 Habsburg royalties, the Imperial Crypt is one of the creepiest tourist destinations in Vienna.

Donauturm (Best places To Visit In Vienna)

Donauturm: Best places To Visit In Vienna
Donauturm, or Danube Tower, stands 252 metres tall and is one of the best places to visit in Vienna. It is the tallest man-made tower in Austria, located near the Danube River’s northern bank. It not only has a great restaurant and a cafe. Donautum also has breathtaking views of the Kahlenberg and Leopoldsberg hills in the background.
The Donauturm Tower, located on the Danube River’s northern bank, is one of Vienna’s most breathtakingly beautiful sights. This is Austria’s tallest structure, which was renovated in 2018. Tourists are transported to the split-level viewing platform by express lifts. The 360-degree view of Vienna and the adjacent Danube River will astound you.

Kärntner Strasse (Fascinating sites in Vienna)

Kärntner strasse: Best places To Visit In Vienna
Known for being one of the best in Austria In the winter of 2022. Visit These 10 Locations Kärtner Strasse is the place to be for all shopaholics in The Land Of Beauty. Famous brands and popular eateries line the street, from large chain stores to small fashion boutiques. Kärtner Strasse, a must-see attraction in Vienna, has something for every traveler. Why should shopping be avoided when visiting Vienna? Kärntnerstrasse is a great place to go shopping if you’re in the mood. You can eat all you want, enjoy the best of Vienna’s delicacies, and shop all you want.
Kartner Strasse a pedestrian-only street dotted with expensive clothing boutiques and opulent eateries. It is a shopping and culinary heaven in Vienna. This street was known as the Strata Carinthia Forum during the Roman era. Many of the area’s aristocratic structures were destroyed during World War II.