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10 Must-See Attractions in Athens & Things To Do

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Attractions in Athens- Explore The Best Places to Visit in Athens & Tourist.

Tourist Places in Athens

The historical and cultural significance of Athens, the largest city and capital of Greece, cannot be overstated. Athens, also called the “Cradle of Civilization,” is the location of several of the ancient world’s most significant and vital landmarks. Athens is a city that welcomes visitors to discover its rich history, and it does so in a variety of ways, from the world-famous Acropolis and Parthenon to the historic agora, often known as the marketplace and get Attractions in Athens

Things To Do in Athens

However, Athens is much more than just a city with ruins from the past. Additionally, it is a vibrant and contemporary town that boasts a flourishing arts scene, mouthwatering cuisine, and a buzzing nightlife scene. In Athens, there is something for everyone to enjoy, from the historic areas of Plaka and Monastiraki to the lively Syntagma Square and the structure of the Parliament.

You will get a guided tour of this post. Some of the top attractions in Athens, such as the Acropolis and the Museum of the Acropolis. Including everything from the city’s historic sites to its more up-to-date attractions. Athens has something to offer everyone, regardless of whether they are interested in history, culture, or simply taking in the atmosphere of this one-of-a-kind city. There is something for everyone to discover in Athens.

Most Famous Tourist Attraction In Athens

The Acropolis and the Parthenon

The renowned hilltop castle that towers over the city of Athens is known as the Acropolis, and any trip to the Greek capital would only be complete by visiting it. The Acropolis is the location of many ancient buildings and temples. The Parthenon is the most well-known, constructed as a shrine to the goddess Athena.

Must see attractions in Athens

Construction of the Parthenon began in 447 BCE and was completed in 438 BCE. The temple was built to honor Athena, the patron goddess of Athens, and it was also used as a treasury for the city. The Parthenon is considered one of the greatest masterpieces of ancient Greek architecture, and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Must see attractions in Athens

The Acropolis is also home to other important ancient buildings, such as the Propylaea, the Temple of Athena Nike, and the Erechtheion. These buildings, along with the Parthenon, are some of the most well-preserved ancient ruins in the world, and they offer a glimpse into this fascinating city’s past.

Beautiful Tourist Attractions in Athens

1. Ancient Agora (attractions in Athens)

The Ancient Agora was the heart of classical Athens, a bustling marketplace, and the center of political and social life which is attractions in Athens.  The agora was the place where the ancient Athenians gathered to discuss politics, do business, and socialize.

The Ancient Agora is located just below the Acropolis and is home to many critical ancient buildings and ruins. These include the Temple of Hephaestus, the Stoat of Attalus, And the Agora Museum, which houses a collection of ancient artifacts from the agora and surrounding area.

One of the most exciting sites in the Ancient Agora is the Tholos, a circular building used as a council chamber for the city’s leaders. The Tholos is a fine example of ancient Greek architecture, and it offers a glimpse into ancient Athens’s political and social life.

2. Temple of Olympian Zeus

The Temple of Olympian Zeus is a massive temple attractions in Athens dedicated to the king of the gods in ancient Greek mythology. The temple was one of the largest in the ancient world and took more than 700 years to complete.

Beginning in the sixth century BCE and continuing until the second century CE, work on the Temple of Olympian Zeus was ultimately completed. The temple was destroyed by the Herulians in the third century CE, although it was later extensively rebuilt in the sixth century CE. Only a few of the original temple columns are still present, yet their majesty has stayed the same.

The fact that the Temple of Olympian Zeus still exists today is a testament to the power of Greek mythology even now. Anyone curious about the myths and traditions surrounding this extraordinary civilization has to visit immediately.

3. National Archaeological Museum (attractions in Athens)

The National Archaeological Museum is a must-see for ancient Greek culture and history. The museum houses a vast collection of ancient artifacts, including sculptures, pottery, and jewelry, from all over Greece and the Mediterranean.

Some of the highlights of the National Archaeological Museum include the Antikythera Mechanism, a complex astronomical calculator, and the Mask of Agamemnon, a gold funeral mask believed to be the death mask of the ancient king.

The National Archaeological Museum is a treasure trove of ancient Greek history. It is a fascinating place to explore and learn more about the culture and civilization of ancient Greece.

4. Plaka and Monastiraki

Plaka and Monastiraki are two traditional neighborhoods in the center of Athens that are worth a visit. The oldest district in Athens, Plaka is renowned for its bustling atmosphere, attractive homes, and winding lanes. On the other hand, Monastiraki is a more modern neighborhood known for its bustling flea market and lively nightlife.

Plaka is a great place to wander and explore, with its winding streets and colorful houses. There are also several museums and galleries to visit in Plaka and plenty of restaurants and cafes to stop and relax in.

Monastiraki is a more lively and bustling neighborhood with a lively flea market and many bars and clubs. It is a great place to go out and experience the nightlife of Athens.

5. Syntagma Square and the Parliament Building

Syntagma Square, which serves as the city’s primary location for public gatherings, is home to the building that houses the Parliament and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Both of these landmarks may be found in the same area. It is highly recommended that you go to the Parliament building to witness the event known as the “changing of the guard,” which takes place every hour. The Parliament building is an outstanding specimen of neoclassical design.

The Evzones of the Greek armed forces are the ceremonial guards of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, a memorial to the soldiers who fought for Greece and sacrificed their lives for the country. The Evzones are well-known for their peculiar garb and intricate marching formations resembling dances.

6. Lycabettus Hill (attractions in Athens)

At the heart of Athens sits a little peak known as Lycabettus Hill, which is renowned for its breathtaking city views. In addition to being a well-liked location for outdoor activities like hiking and picnicking, the hill is the Chapel of Agios Georgios site. This modest church was built in the 19th century.

Lycabettus Hill has a storied past and is believed to have been the site of ancient sacrifices to the gods. It is also said to be the place where Athena, the patron goddess of Athens, planted the first olive tree on the Acropolis.

7. Philopappos Monument

The Philopappos Monument is a well-known landmark in Athens built in honor of a Roman statesman named Gaius Julius Antiochus Philopappos. The monument is located on top of a hill overlooking the city and offers panoramic views of Athens.

The Philopappos Monument is a fine example of Roman architecture and a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. It is a great place to stop and take in the city’s views and a fascinating glimpse into the history of ancient Rome.

8. Panathenaic Stadium(attractions in Athens)

Ancient Greek architecture inspired the construction of the Panathenaic Stadium, a contemporary Olympic venue. The Panathenaic Games were a series of athletic competitions held every four years in honor of the goddess Athena. The stadium was initially constructed in the year 330 BCE and was utilized for these games.

Later, in the 19th century, the stadium underwent renovations, and in 1896, it served as the primary location for the very first modern Olympic Games. The Panathenaic Stadium is a well-known tourist destination that, in modern times, also serves as a venue for various concerts and other events.

9. National Garden

One of Athens’ most recognizable features is the spectacular National Garden, located in the city’s center. A children’s playground, a small lake, and various plants and trees can all be found in the garden. It is a good holiday destination since it is a terrific place to unwind and escape the bustle of the city.

The National Garden is also home to several interesting landmarks, including the Presidential Mansion, the Zappeion Hall, and the Byzantine Museum. These landmarks, along with the garden itself, make the National Garden a one of famous must-see attractions in Athens.

10. Cape Sounion (attractions in Athens)

Cape Sounion is a rocky promontory located about an hour south of Athens. The cape is home to the Temple of Poseidon, a well-preserved ancient temple dedicated to the god of the sea.

The Temple of Poseidon is located on the edge of a cliff and offers panoramic views of the Aegean Sea. The temple is a popular spot for tourists and a popular place to watch the sunset.


Must visit attractions in Athens & things to do Athens is a city that is rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. From the iconic Acropolis and Parthenon to the vibrant neighborhoods of Plaka and Monastiraki, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this fascinating city. Whether you are interested in ancient history, modern art, or just soaking up the atmosphere of this unique city, there is something for you to discover in Athens.