You are currently viewing AEROMEXICO Eliminates carry-on bag luggage update
AEROMEXICO Eliminates carry-on bag luggage update

AEROMEXICO Eliminates carry-on bag luggage update

Introduction of AEROMEXICO Eliminates carry-on bag luggage update

AEROMEXICO Airlines Eliminate carry-on bag luggage update. it is in this way that we are only going to have to travel With a personal item that is a small backpack, laptop bag, diaper bag or handbag or similar, the very important thing is that it fits under your seat. I have already told you in another article about this personal item in which the measurements are normally of 20 x 45 x 35 centimeters but I have also clarified that they are not universal measurements.

That is why I tell you that it can vary, the very important thing is that it fits exactly in it without having problems here do not get confused because you can see the two measurements in the meter of Aeroméxico the one with the slightly larger suitcase that can even be made of wheels and that is the one that can no longer be carried and also the size of the personal item so good to us what would interest us if we are going to travel only with the basic fare It would be the size of this personal item, what is also very important for you to know is that in this article you can put the same thing that you put in your hand luggage in.

That larger-sized suitcase since the airline itself, as you accommodate, does not It is of interest as long as they comply with the general rules of hand luggage, it is in this way that, for example, they could put the same clothes, footwear, sanitary articles in their small backpack and I you must respect the measurements since as you see it, at least for the moment no weight appears and it is only important to focus on the measurements and within the measurements, I would also tell you that something that the airlines is very interested in is that it is not from And the thing is that there are some wheeled hand luggage suitcases.


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Does AeroMexico include a carry-on?

That meet the sizes of personal items, however, airlines do not usually like them to have wheels, and just by seeing that feature they may no longer be accepted as an item personal so do not risk the ideal is that it is with the forms that the same airline tells you and that a type of knapsack backpack, a small handbag or something like that was already telling them but not a suitcase-type because there the problems can begin now I I did a test to find out what the costs were because a link also appears where it tells you to check costs and if you do not have a rate already purchased with the airline you cannot consult r that is.

He did not find a price table as such, it may be that it is linked in another way but at least not with the link that came from its main site, it is in this way that what I did to check the cost of the luggage was to quote A flight, that is to say, do a simulation first, I did it on an international flight from Mexico to San Jose Costa Rica and there I could see that in the basic rate I still included the complete hand luggage, that is, the small suitcase and the personal item was already at At the time that I was leaving with a domestic flight, I took a city in Mexico, Monterrey.

Where this suitcase disappeared at the basic rate and I could only travel with a personal item if I at that time decided to go for the classic rate, which was the one I already had. Including hand luggage, my flight rose a lot, the difference was more than 600 pesos, so of course, this rate already has other advantages, such as the suitcase, but also some others, but the difference was important in costs in this way I was rejecting and rejecting any extra charge traveling at the cheapest rate and it was already one of the last steps where the flight is personalized and where I could finally know the cost of this luggage and Well, for each leg of my flight, that is, for a round trip it was 200 Mexican pesos in total to 400 pesos in a round flight if.

How much can a carry-on bag weight AeroMexico?

I wanted to add a carrion-type briefcase and well that would be worth in US dollars at 10 dollars each way 20 dollars per The round flight in terms of hold luggage that can also be added here, the cost would be 25 dollars or 500 pesos for each of the routes, that is, on the round flight, it would have to add 50 dollars or a thousand Mexican pesos, very important in the case of hand luggage refers to this suitcase that even clear that it can be with or without wheels and that the important thing is that it does not exceed 10 kilograms while if I go for doc Increasing the luggage there can be up to 25 kilograms so well here.

It would be necessary to simply choose if it applies to add something more now during the entire purchase process in Aeromexico as it happens with all airlines, they will add certain charges that in Sometimes he can reject them, it is in this way that it is a little hidden but he can reject the paid seat and he and that they assign you randomly will also add some insurance already as in your purchase but he can also reject it simply by deactivating the windows and good with The rest of services such as car rentals or some other things to add, it is simply a matter of not selecting any of this to avoid any extra charge and that your initial rate differs a lot from the final one.

However you already know that there is a charge from which we cannot escape and it is the famous act or airport use fee that we have been paying for a long time but the difference is that now The airlines break it down so that their rates seem cheaper than what you end up paying and well, Aeromexico is not like airlines like vivaaerobus where you can pay it on the day of your flight arrive at the counter you have to pay it at the time of your purchase but if you They will break it down from your initial price and that is why at the end when you go to make the payment you have to accept that you are aware.

AEROMEXICO Eliminates carry-on bag luggage update
AEROMEXICO Eliminates carry-on bag luggage update

What happens if you carry extra luggage on a plane?

That you will make this payment and how much it will be in the breakdown of your purchase all these charges will appear that you have added and between that, of course, you act it before paying it is very important that you review everything you have taken from your flight to be sure that you only have what you need and if suddenly you see insurance or something that you did not just want to return and Eliminate it in your purchase process is also precisely in this step and when you are going to pay when you can choose electronic vouchers or MD as a payment method and it is that many hos told me that at.

What moment or how could you end up using them when you stayed with one of these because your flight was modified or canceled and they already know that I was one of the people who a year ago I was in that case and they gave me an electronic voucher and precisely this voucher is made up of a series of letters and numbers and at the time that you are going to make the purchase online simply as a form of payment you can select it and add the information and in.

This way you can use the credit that you had left so how They see it, they do not have to use it over the phone as the beginning had to be used and it was very expensive, you can do it yourself with your online purchases but this would be the moment in which you add it and with this, you have the latest updates on the luggage With Aeromexico they have already seen it, it does not apply to all rates, nor does it apply to flights that have already been purchased, it is only from March 26, 20 21 but well.

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