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Best places to visit in India & around the World, this site provides  places that you should visit during your trip.Here you can find travel destinations for your trip plans .

Firstly, before planning the trip for particular place,you should be aware about the tourist attractions in & around the place.  it provides the list of places that you must visit, if you’re visiting any particular city, state or county.

Secondly, make a list of places that have been provided on the site. Please keep in mind that timings of visit, ticket price are subject to change . So don’t depend fully on online information.   For travel routes information , there is http://googlemaps.com . It’s a good source.

 This site covers Firstly the tourist attractions of a state ,then a particular city of that state.

The website was launched in 2020 for travel places related informations.

It coveres the many tourist destinations of india comprehensively & will cover many more best tourist places of the country. Soon It will embark on covering the tourist places around the world.

So the site is useful for getting info of best places to visit in India and around the world.

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