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9 Must See Attractions in Nicosia & Things To Do in Nicosia

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Attractions in Nicosia-Explore The Best Places to Visit in Nicosia & 9 Must-See Tourist Attractions.

Attractions in Nicosia

Nicosia Street : must see attractions in Nicosia & things to do in Nicosia :Attractions in Nicosia

Nicosia, the capital city of Cyprus, is a lively and historic city with a rich cultural legacy. It is also the place where the island’s government is located. Nicosia has a rich history and a wide range of attractions, from historical sites to contemporary museums. This post will discuss the top nine tourist attractions in Nicosia, all of which are worth visiting if you find yourself in the city.

Best places to visit in Nicosia

1. Cyprus Museum(Attractions in Nicosia)

History enthusiasts should spend some time at the Cyprus Museum, also referred to as the Cyprus Archaeological Museum. The museum, located in the heart of Nicosia, is home to a remarkable collection of items from the ancient Cypriot civilization. Some of these objects include pottery, jewelry, and sculptures. In addition, there is a section of the museum devoted to the Neolithic and Chalcolithic periods. This section includes displays of the island’s early farming and copper-working civilizations.

Cyprus Museum:Attractions in Nicosia

Visitors can trace the progression of Cypriot culture from the Neolithic period up to the Roman era, thanks to the chronological presentation of the museum’s collection of artifacts. The museum features many hands-on displays, such as a reproduction of an old village in Cyprus and a part devoted to the island’s natural history.

The Cyprus Museum features temporary exhibitions on various topics, ranging from ancient art to modern design. These exhibitions are held in addition to the museum’s regular displays.

2. St. John’s Cathedral(Attractions in Nicosia)

The stunning and historic St. John’s Cathedral can also be referred to as the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. It can be found in the middle of Nicosia on the island of Cyprus. The cathedral, which goes back to the 16th century and displays spectacular architecture in the Gothic style, is home to several significant religious objects, one of which is the tomb of Saint Barnabas, who is considered the patron saint of Cyprus.

Nicosia cathedral church: must see attractions in Nicosia & things to do in Nicosia
The cathedral is famous for its breathtaking paintings and stained glass windows, both of which deserve a visit to the cathedral on their own without the presence of the other. This structure houses frescoes dating back to the 16th century that portray Bible scenes and saints’ lives. These frescoes may be found throughout the tower. The stained-glass windows, added in the nineteenth century, depict images from both the Old and New Testaments. In addition to their beautiful appearance, the windows also depict these stories.

The St. John’s Cathedral is not only notable for its artistic and architectural qualities, but it is also an important religious site. It is still utilized consistently for religious services.

3. Ledra Street

In addition to being Nicosia’s most important commercial thoroughfare, Ledra Street is also a well-known tourist destination in its own right. The street is dotted with various traditional and contemporary shops that sell a wide range of goods, from trinkets and apparel to jewelry and electronic devices. Because it is home to many restaurants, cafes, and bars, Ledra Street is an excellent location for enjoying a bite to eat or a drink with friends.

Ledra Street:Attractions in Nicosia

The fact that Ledra Street is situated within the old city of Nicosia is one attraction that draws people there. The street is encircled on all sides by historic structures and landmarks, one of which is the Famagusta Gate, which will be the topic of further discussion in this article. Because of this, it is an excellent site to go shopping while also taking in the history and culture of the city.

4. Famagusta Gate(Attractions in Nicosia0

Famagusta Gate is a historic fortification located in the heart of Nicosia’s old city. The gate, which dates back to the 16th century, was once the main entrance to the city and is now a popular tourist attraction. The gate is surrounded by a moat and features a museum telling Nicosia’s history. It’s one of famous tourist attractions in Nicosia.

Famagusta Gate

Visitors to Famagusta Gate can learn about the city’s past through exhibits on its history, culture, and architecture. The museum also has Some interactive exhibits, including a virtual reality tour of the old city of Nicosia.

In addition to the museum, visitors can climb to the top of Famagusta Gate for a panoramic view of the city. The view from the top of the gate is breathtaking, offering a unique perspective on Nicosia’s historic old city.

5. The Cyprus Wine Museum(Attractions in Nicosia)

The Cyprus Wine Museum, located in the old city of Nicosia, is a must-see for wine lovers. The museum, housed in a traditional Cypriot house, offers a fascinating look at the history of wine-making in Cyprus. The museum features a collection of wine-making equipment, artifacts, and tastings of some of the island’s best wines.

The Cyprus Wine Museum

The Cyprus Wine Museum is more than just a museum; it’s also an interactive experience. Visitors can learn about the grape varieties grown in Cyprus, the history of wine-making on the island, and the traditional techniques used to produce wine. The museum also offers wine tastings, allowing visitors to sample some of the island’s finest wines.

6. The Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre(Attractions in Nicosia)

The Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre is a modern cultural center in the city’s heart. The center, which is home to many galleries and performance spaces, hosts a variety of exhibitions, concerts, and other events throughout the year. The place is one of best things to do in Nicosia.

The Nicosia Municipal Arts:Attractions in Nicosia

The center’s galleries showcase a range of contemporary art, from paintings and sculptures to installations and multimedia works. The center also has several performance spaces, including a theater, a concert hall, and an outdoor amphitheater, which hosts various events, from concerts and plays to dance performances and film screenings.

In addition to its galleries and performance spaces, the Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre is also home to a library and a café, making it a great place to relax and unwind.

7. The Nicosia Walls

The Nicosia Walls are a series of fortifications tha(Attractions in Nicosia)t enclose the old city of Nicosia. The walls, which date back to the 16th century, are a popular tourist attraction and offer a glimpse into the city’s rich history. The place is one of best places to visit in Nicosia.

The Nicosia Walls:Attractions in Nicosia

Visitors to the Nicosia Walls can walk along the top of the walls and take in panoramic views of the city. The walls are surrounded by a moat and are dotted with many watchtowers, which offer a unique perspective on the city. The walls also have some gates, once the city’s main entrances.

The Nicosia Walls are not only a popular tourist attraction but also an essential part of the city’s history. The walls, which have been well preserved, offer a glimpse into the city’s past and the role it played in the island’s history.

8. The Nicosia District Archaeological Museum

The Nicosia District Archaeological Museum is small in the old city of Nicosia. The museum, housed in a traditional Cypriot house, features a collection of artifacts from the ancient and medieval periods, including pottery, coins, and jewelry. The Museum is one of must see attractions in Nicosia.

The Nicosia District Archaeological Museum:Attractions in Nicosia

The museum’s collection offers a glimpse into the history of Nicosia and the surrounding region, from the ancient Greek and Roman periods to the medieval and Ottoman eras. The museum has many interactive exhibits, including a section on the island’s flora and fauna and a replica of an ancient Cypriot village.

In addition to its permanent exhibits, the Nicosia District Archaeological Museum also hosts several temporary exhibitions on various topics, ranging from ancient art To contemporary design.

9. The Cyprus Folk Art Museum(Attractions in Nicosia)

The Cyprus Folk Art Museum is a must-see for traditional Cypriot culture. The museum, located in the old city of Nicosia, features a collection of traditional costumes, pottery, and other artifacts from the island’s rural communities. It’s one of best places to visit in Nicosia.

The Cyprus Folk Art Museum

The museum’s collection offers a unique look at Cyprus’s traditional way of life, including the island’s customs, traditions, and crafts. The museum also has many workshops and demonstrations where visitors can learn about traditional crafts and techniques.

In addition to its exhibits, the Cyprus Folk Art Museum also hosts several events and activities, including concerts, lectures, and demonstrations of traditional crafts.


Nicosia is a city with a rich and storied history and a flourishing cultural scene, and it is the capital of the Republic of Cyprus. Nicosia has a long history and diverse tourist destinations, ranging from ancient ruins to modern art museums. Suppose you are interested in history or want to learn more about the city. In that case, these nine must-see tourist attractions are an excellent place to begin discovering the distinctive culture and history of the city.

 must see attractions in Nicosia & things to do in Nicosia :Attractions in Nicosia
At Nicosia, there is something for everyone to enjoy, from the historical artifacts kept in the Cyprus Museum to the folk art and crafts displayed in the Cyprus Folk Art Museum. Nicosia is a city that has something for everyone to enjoy. It does not matter if your interest lies in history, art, or culture; the city is full of attractions that will mesmerize and inspire you regardless of where your passions lie. If you plan a trip to Nicosia, schedule some time to see each of these top 9 sites while you are there.