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50 items in a single backpack

50 items in a single backpack

Introduction of 50 items in a single backpack

50 items in a single backpack. I prefer to travel only with a personal item and let’s be honest it can save us very good money when buying our flight in this way that many already know in my backpack that It is the one you used to travel that meets the measurements of a personal item that are 45 x 35 x 20 centimeters, you already know that suddenly it may vary from airline to airline but basically, it is the one that is handled in most and well the great feature is that it is an item that can be placed under your seat when you fly since when you travel only with personal items you will not have the right to use the overhead compartments.

What can you fit in a 50l backpack?

Great news about this article is that in most airlines it does not have a weight, it only has the measures that I have just mentioned and when you comply with this, it is difficult for you to weigh it, there are some exceptions, especially in Europe and Asia, but, in America, we do not find few airlines that impose a weight on this article, many are surprised that it can travel only with an article personal since several do not exploit it to the fullest and use a handbag or even a fanny pack as a Personal item when in fact if they exploit it well as I say they can travel with.

It and the first big statement is that you can carry the same thing that you would carry in your carry-on suitcase as long as the items comply with all security measures hand luggage and the airline will not care how you organize them, it is in this way that in your item or in your carry-on suitcase you can accommodate as you wish and you only want to carry one here you could put clothes, shoes and all the articles that also They would be allowed in the other suitcase but now if I go with my best tricks to be able to travel with little luggage and well one has to do with the shoes that are usually something of the most hindrances or that.

We are going to find in luggage matters myself Here from the beginning I am very careful in what things I buy because here the example of these shoes is going to put them that have nothing to do with this type of shoes I know that they are styles a little different but in the end, one could substitute the style of the other and definitely in luggage to carry this style it would be much more efficient my second great advice and how I can travel with so few things is because it tried to combine well The clothes that I am going to take for each trip I choose a range of colors and clothes.


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How do you pack everything in one bag?

That can be combined to have many more changes without having to carry many clothes, it is in this way that for example in my recent traffic jam I decided that the range would be blue Navy and wine and wear clothes that could be combined and in this way, many more changes can come out you do not end up repeating the same outfit and you do not carry many items also within the subject of clothing I would tell them to be careful and choose thin fabrics and is that this is going to be the big difference between the number of clothes you can take when I only travel with personal items.

I only take one d e these fabric organizers for clothes and that here with thin fabrics and with clothes that I managed to combine easily you can get more than 15 changes without repeating the same thing so as you see it is a great alternative to save space and It is one of how I can optimize myself to the maximum other key tricks can help you make your look a little different and it does not seem that you are using the same thing every day and accessories would be one of these and good Believe it or not, this is a jewelry organizer for travel and occupies the same space as a book.

It is very thin, you can put it practically anywhere and as you can see, you can even store watches and everything that they carry as accessories, another basic accessory is the dark glasses and here I always give the advice that in each case they keep at least two so that they can combine or if they have the ones to see and the o curious and I got this case that also has the advantage that when you are not using it and well there if you do not have anymore it is completely flat so it will save you a lot of space, another accessory that they ask me about are hats caps and things like that tell me if there is no problem to carry.

What should I pack in my backpack?

It is my hand I have spent it like this on most occasions and I really have not had any problem with the airlines but in any case, they will tell you something is very simple Because if you wear a hat, you just put it on and you’re done, there are usually no rules that so much clothing, because you wear it, which is why many use thick jackets, boots and everything else that is more cumbersome during the flight so that you do not use it in your item. Another trick to save space has to do with taking the least necessary sanitary items, especially when you go to a good hotel, you know that you usually go To find their toothpaste soap and well some items.

That you may require so well when it is the case it is not worth taking everything in other cases you want to bring your products or you are not sure if they give them to you And in this, the trick is simply to carry everything in a mix version, I assure you that it was already most brands have released versions for travelers, so it is very easy to find your same products in a small version or when you do not have a mini product they are simply These bottles that you can use several times and where you can empty your product and here is an important clarification many tell me if the whole issue of liquids that you are going to pass through security has to go in the original packaging and it cannot go in this type of Containers if they cause doubt for any reason.

50 items in a single backpack
50 items in a single backpack

What should I not forget to pack?

They can go through a test to check that it is not illegal but it is only or to me, it has come to pass me with soaps that suddenly they do some test they review it everything is fine and that’s it happens without any problem I continue with another article that takes a lot of space and is the towel and well I have it in this format, you know that The microfiber ones are much smaller and dry faster and well, this also has the advantage that you bring your own, these photos could even hang it out of the suitcase and normally if you put one or two things there is no major problem You will have to see many travelers at the airport who use backpacks to hang their shoes and well it ends up being an alternative because I tell them.

They rarely tell you that everything has to go inside the suitcase let’s not abuse that but suddenly put something small there would be no problem and well one of this style and even if the suitcase is not very full, something that also takes up a lot of space in the luggage is everything electronic and more if We are going to record or we have to work as is my case, so here are also some tricks the camera is usually very cumbersome, especially the professional ones, so good advice for me and a great ally has been this type of camera that has a lot of quality And as you can see, it is really small.f

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