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12 Famous Places To Visit in Shillong, Meghalaya

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Explore The Best Places to Visit in Shilong & Tourist Places In Shillong

 Shillong Places to Visit

Scotland Of The East is the second name of Shillong and it is 1491 meters above sea level. It is a natural region and a famous hill station. It is also Meghalaya’s capital and the highest point of this place is 6449 feet Places to visit in Shillong. Here you can visit many interesting places like Dengi Peak, Kyllang Rock, Sohpetbneng, Wankhar Memorial Museum, and Khasi Hills. Here are the Famous Tourist Destinations to Travel in Shillong.

15 places to visit in Shillong

1. Kyllang Rock

kyllang rock

Kyllang Rock rises 720 feet (220 meters) above the shoulder of a pine forest. Kyllang Rock is 1,000 feet wide (300 m). It is roughly 50 kilometers from Shillong and 15 km from Mairang. It takes only around 90 minutes to travel to the base of this rock on a nice, asphalt road. Near the town of Mawnai, a massive red granite dome known as Kyllang Rock rises out of the grassy downs. Impressive views may be seen from the top, especially in the wintertime when they face the Himalayas to the north. Despite being inaccessible from the nearly perpendicular southern flank, the granite is approachable from the north and east.

2. Sohpetbneng (Places to visit in Shillong)

Sohpetbneng: Places to visit in Shillong

On the outskirts of Shillong in the State of Meghalaya, some 40 kilometers from the district seat Nongpoh, is Lum Sohpetbneng, a location of legendary significance. For the native Khasi population, it is a place of pilgrimage and is commonly referred to as the “Navel of Heaven.”Sohpetbneng means the navel of heaven or heaven. It is situated at an altitude of 1343 meters above sea level.

3. Khasi Hills  (Landmarks in Shillong)

khasi hills

This hill is named after the Khasi Tribe of Meghalaya. Here you can see Asia’s second-largest river island Nongkhum Island. The place is one of the beautiful places to visit in Shillong.With their deep, lush valleys and conical peaks, these hills are famous for the Sora or Cherrapunjee cliffs, one of the areas with the highest annual rainfall in the world. Nong Khum Island, his second largest river island in Asia, is also located in this spectacular region.

4. Jakrem Falls : One Of Top Places to Visit in shilong

jakrem falls

Jakrem Falls is situated 64 kilometers away from Shillong. It is a famous sulfur hot spring located about 40 miles from Shillong. It is popular with locals as a hot spring resort. Jacreme is blessed with sulfur springs believed to have healing properties.

5. Mawphlang (Places to visit in Shillong)

mawphlang: Places to visit in Shillong

Mawphlang is situated 25 kilometers away from Shillong and located in the middle of Sacred Forest.One of these forests still retains its importance today. The Sacred Forest of Morflan. Not even a pebble or twig can be taken out of this sacred grove. It is believed to be the residence of the Kasi god Ravasa, who is said to protect his clan and village from all harm. As the local saying goes: “There can be no kingdom without a sacred grove, and there can be no sacred grove without a kingdom.

6. Spread Eagle Falls (Sightseeing destinations in Shillong)

spread eagle falls

SprEad eagle fall is situated 6 kilometers away from the Khasi district of Shillong.Spread Eagle Falls, known locally as Ummukalia Falls or Sati Falls, is a gurgling cataract in the Shillong district of the East Khasi Hills. The name of the waterfall is derived from its unique shape resembling an eagle with its wings spread wide. A cascade down an irregular rocky path forms a small pool at its base. It is the widest waterfall in Shillong. It is also known as Sati Falls and Urkaliyar.

7. Sweet Falls : One of Best tourist places in Shillong

Sweet fall

Sweet Falls is one of the steepest and most exciting single-flow waterfalls in Meghalaya. It is located on the outskirts of Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya.The height of these beautiful falls is 96 meters. It is situated 5 kilometers away from the Happy Valley. It is also a popular picnic spot.

8. Lady Hydari Park (Places to visit in Shillong)

Lady hydari park: Places to visit in Shillong

The park is named after Mrs. Hydari, the wife of the Governor of Assam. The park is laid out in a Japanese garden style and covers an area of ​​more than one kilometer. With small ponds, rhododendron plants and willow trees almost touching the ground, the landscape is unmistakably Japanese. Often considered Shillong’s best maintained park, it contains a wide variety of local flowers and orchids.It is a mini zoo, where you can see 73 species of bird, 100 reptiles, etc. This park is dedicated to Lady Hydari.

9. Don Bosco Museum (Landmarks in Shillong)

don bosco museum

The Don Bosco Indigenous Cultural Center (DBCIC), or as it is commonly known, the Don Bosco Museum, is considered one of Asia’s leading museums promoting indigenous and tribal culture and is a major tourist attraction. , offers a glimpse into a rich and diverse cultural lifestyle. , history and tradition…Here you can see handicrafts, artwork, ornaments, weapons, costumes, photographs, etc and from this museum, you can collect information about North East India.

10. Mawsinram: One of the famous tourist places in Shillong

mawsynram: Places to visit in Shillong

Mawsynram is the rainiest region in India. With an average annual rainfall of 11,872 mm (467.4 inches), it is said to be the wettest place on earth. According to Guinness World Records, in 1985 he recorded 26,000 millimeters (1,000 inches) of rainfall.This word is derived from the word ‘Maw’ which means stone. Cherrapunji is close to this place. It is a village and the shape of this place is like Shivalingam.

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